Furniture Feng Shui is not equivalent to superstition


When decorating or buying a house, someone will mention the word feng shui to you. The editor of Minmetals is not a superstitious person, but the feng shui part of decorating homes really has to be split separately.

These so-called Feng Shui handed down by our ancestors are, in the final analysis, more suitable living spaces and habits summarized by our ancestors. For example, the entrance hall, the kitchen and toilet are not visible when the door is opened, etc. These Feng Shui studies have scientific basis and prerequisites for their use.

For example:

Various evils

(Sickle evil, scissors evil)

Many of these people will come across before buying a house. It’s amazing to say that you can’t buy a house that’s in the middle of the road. In fact, in one sentence, you can’t buy a house on the side of an elevated road. Why can’t you buy it? It’s noisy. If you encounter insomnia, neurasthenia, and people who are not easy to fall asleep, the interference will be great. Over a long period of time, people will easily get sick;



Entrance is a common decoration pattern for us. Of course, some people will tell you that it can relieve the evil spirit of going straight to the door. There is no porch, it will leak money and so on. In fact, the porch is just a hall. The editor thinks that there are three effects:

1. Heat insulation and barrier function. Generally, the door of the apartment type is facing the balcony of the living room. It is easy to form a draught, and there is also a house wind. If it is opened several times a day, people are prone to get sick. This is not a loss of money;

2. Visual privacy, now there are a lot of express delivery, takeaway, that is, there are many opportunities to contact strangers, there is no entrance, the situation in the house will be unobstructed, and it is not very good for privacy and security;

3. Practicality. Needless to say, it is very convenient to make a shoe cabinet to put shoes and hang keys;


There can be no beams above the bed

This is also very common. It is generally called a beam press or a beam press. If there are beams in the room, the designer will usually let you hang it in, or make a few false beams to respond to it. In fact, this is just a psychological effect. There will be visual and spiritual depression;


I can't see the kitchen and toilet when I open the door

There are three types of introductory feng shui. They are: one cannot open the door to see the stove, two cannot open the door to see the toilet, and three cannot open the door to see the bed;

From the perspective of environmental psychology, there are some impacts on the check-in experience and the guest’s mental experience, but it’s not like Mr. Feng Shui’s flicker. Just imagine, if you open the door and bring a stranger back, it’s right. How embarrassing that your partner who is facing the bathroom did not close the door;


There can be no mirror directly opposite the head of the bed

In ancient times, mirrors were often hung on buildings. They were mainly used to reflect the evil spirits coming straight in, so as not to be damaged by the evil spirits;

In fact, when a person first wakes up, his consciousness is very blurred and his brain is sensitive. If you suddenly see the shadow of yourself or others in a mirror, TV, etc., you are easily frightened. Over the long term, the damage to human health will be great, and some people will suffer from mental weakness as a result, and the effects of portraits and photos will be similar.


Door to bed

There are usually two doors, one bathroom door and one room door. First of all, the bathroom door will explain that the bathroom is more yin, but the bathroom is more humid and odorous, which is easily affected;

The second is that the bedroom door is opposite to the bed, because it touches different parts of the body, it will cause functional lesions in the corresponding parts. Doors and windows are the entrance and exit of indoor air convection. When in sleep, the wind will directly blow to the body, and the parts affected by the wind will cause disease. In order to consider indoor air convection, the lower edge of the general door will have a small slit, so even if the door is tightly closed, just open the air conditioner or open a small slit to allow outdoor air to enter and exit.


The kitchen door cannot face the bathroom door

In Feng Shui, this is called incompatibility between water and fire. In fact, if you think about it, one eats and one pulls. The picture is too beautiful, so I won’t elaborate more;


The gate is facing the elevator and stairs

Feng Shui management is called guilty chong. It was originally a place where a house gathers air and raises air. Now it is directly opposite to the elevator and stairs, but the air in the house is sucked away by them, which is a taboo;

Actually, if you think about it, if the entrance door of your house is facing the elevator, if there are four households in one elevator, people come and go every day, talking, making noise, throwing a cigarette butt at your door, privacy, Security is not guaranteed;


Actually, some of the prevailing patterns of Feng Shui can be explained in a scientific way, so everyone must not blindly believe in superstition, nor ignore these details.

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