Guangdong 304 faucet-single and double hole basin faucet installation skills

Basin faucet is a common hardware appliance in our daily life, and it is indispensable for daily washing. Basin faucets on the market can be divided into single-handle single-hole faucet, single-handle double-hole faucet, double-handle single-hole faucet and double-handle double-hole faucet. Next, let's take a look at the installation method of the basin faucet, and pay attention to the subtle differences between the two-hole and single-hole basin faucet styles.

1. The simple installation steps of single-hole basin faucet are: connect the water inlet hose to the water inlet port of the basin faucet; connect the water inlet hose and the water outlet valve.

1. After buying the faucet, first check whether the fastening accessories include the following basic parts: 1 all-copper washer, 2 rubber washers, and 1 fastening nut;

2. Cover the two water inlet hoses with rubber washers and copper washers in turn. The basin is a ceramic basin. The rubber washers are added to relieve the contact pressure on the surface of the faucet and the ceramic basin and avoid the ceramic basin from wearing;

3. Insert a water inlet pipe into the water inlet end of the basin faucet and tighten it;

4. Insert the second water inlet hose into the water inlet port of the basin faucet, and tighten the copper joints evenly;

5. Use rubber pads to insert from the lower end of the two water inlet hoses;

6. Put on the fastening nut to lock the basin faucet;

7. Connect the other ends of the two water inlet hoses to the water outlet angle valve. When connecting, pay attention to distinguishing the cold and hot water. If they are connected incorrectly, the faucet cannot be tapped normally. Tighten the interface between the two hoses and the angle valve after connection. Do not tighten too much force to cause the interface to deform.

2. Installation of two-hole basin faucet

To install the double-hole basin faucet, you need to buy 2 more high-pressure pipes. The installation steps of the two-hole basin faucet are similar to the installation steps of the single-hole basin faucet. The rubber gaskets are respectively covered with two water inlet hoses, and the hoses are respectively discharged from the two holes to connect the water inlet port and the water outlet valve interface.

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