Have you learned how to identify home improvement floor tiles?


The quality of floor tiles is very professional:

First, check whether the color of the tiles is pure. This trick is very simple, mainly to observe whether the color of the back of the tile is uniform and consistent. Ceramic tiles of better quality have uniform and well-proportioned green body colors.

Second, it is necessary to observe whether the particles on the cross-section of the tile are fine. Consumers should pay attention that the cross-section mentioned here does not refer to the cut surface around the tile, but refers to the fractured part of the tile. Generally speaking, the cracks are fine, hard and brittle, and the color is the same as the top grade. Because fine-grained tiles have strong water resistance; while tiles with larger particles, water is easy to penetrate, which affects the quality.

Three, pay attention to the thickness of the glaze layer. The glaze of the ceramic tile is the front of the ceramic tile, and the thickness of the glaze is the thickness of the cross-section of the glaze. Glaze is the more expensive material in the cost of ceramic tiles. The thicker the glaze layer, the better the natural quality.

Four, listen. Tap the tiles and pay attention to whether the sound is crisp. If the sound is clear and pleasant, it is top grade, if the sound is dull, it is inferior.

Five, test the water. Consumers can pour some water on the back of the tiles and pay attention to how fast the tiles absorb water. After a few minutes, see if the mark left by the water on the front is obvious. After the water disperses, the tiles that infiltrate slowly are dense, and the water mark is not obvious, which is regarded as the top grade.

Six. Take two bricks back-to-back and face-to-face to see if they can be in close contact with each other and there is no excessive gap to judge whether there is warpage.

7. Apply the ink to the face for an hour and then scrub to see if there are any traces. If there is no trace, it is a good brick. If there is infiltration, resolutely do not choose. Brick Volume The geometrical length and width of the two bricks and the diagonally-viewed brick size deviations are high-quality products.

9. You can refer to the test report issued by the national or industry testing agency provided by the merchant for comparison. The following index data: water absorption, abrasion resistance, acid resistance and pollution index identification comparison.

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