Have you learned how to simply pave the baseboard?


In order to ensure that the floor decoration is more beautiful and durable, many families often create a variety of different styles of skirting based on the ceramic tile in the decoration, so as to improve the spatial style and aesthetic appeal. Today, we will learn two simple steps for laying skirting.

Step 1: Construction preparations

1. The walls should be cleaned up carefully before construction and watered and moistened one day in advance.

2. Cut one end of the skirting board at the external corner to 45° with a toothless saw according to the required amount, rinse the skirting board with water, and dry it in the shade for later use.

3. When mounting and installing, start from the outside corner and try to paste on both sides, check whether it is straight, whether the gap is tight, whether there are defects such as missing edges and corners, and then paving is qualified.

4. No matter what method is used for installation, first install a skirting board on both ends of the wall. The height of the upper edge should be on the same horizontal line, the thickness of the wall should be the same, and then two skirting boards Pull through the wire along the upper edge and install it block by block in sequence.

Step 2: Construction method

1. Pasting method: According to the wall standard rib and standard horizontal line, use 1:2~2.5 cement mortar to wipe the bottom After the bottom mortar is dry and hard, apply 2~3mm plain cement grout to the moistened and dry tile baseboard to paste it, tap it with a rubber hammer to level it, and pay attention to using a level ruler and leaning ruler at any time Leveling and straightening. The next day, use the cement paste of the same color as the floor to wipe the seams.

2, grouting method: temporarily fix the skirting board at the installation position, use plaster to fix the two adjacent skirting boards and the skirting board with the ground and wall firmly, and then use 1 with a consistency of 10~15cm : 2 Cement mortar (volume ratio) grouting. And wipe up the overflowing mortar at any time. After the poured cement mortar finally sets, scrape off the plaster and wipe it clean, and wipe the seams with the cement slurry of the same color as the board surface.

The above are the steps and methods for laying the skirting line, have you learned it?

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