Have you learned the four tips of professional tile laying?


After struggling for a few years, I finally bought a house. Of course, the decoration should not be careless! In fact, the editor of Minmetals thinks that laying ceramic tiles is also a very good way to decorate the floor of a house. It is not only beautiful, but also resistant to dirt and easy to take care of.

The paving and matching of tiles is also an art. The relationship between simple and elegant and gorgeous is handled. Are you still worried about the unsightly ground? The editor of Minmetals today teaches you how to match tiles to add color to your decoration!

Different patterns mix and match

Different patterns mix and match require a certain aesthetic

Whether you like low-key and elegant styles

or gorgeous Luxurious pattern

As long as the texture is beautifully matched

Of course, if you want to mix and match it is also possible

Because of the collision of different styles

Different sparks are often wiped out

Wall and floor echo

Use the same type of tiles for wall and floor

Connect up and down to create a three-dimensional space It has a subtle sense of interaction.

This kind of match is really loved by anyone who sees it.

Adding a lace effect is very different

Take a certain pattern of tiles as the middle< /p>

Then there is a circle of lace around

Whether it is from the top view or the side view

Lace tiles are beautiful

Set tiles

Compared with spliced u200bu200btiles

Set tiles are more stable and rich.

Use set tiles as the middle of the paving

Auxiliary ceramic tiles

Elegant and luxurious

Ceramic tiles have long been used as floor decorations

Whether in terms of durability or beauty

All have unique advantages

And the tiles are also easy to clean


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