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High gloss pvc lacquer coating kitchen cabinet modern design

High gloss pvc lacquer coating kitchen cabinet modern design
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10 Sets

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Production Specification

       kitchen Cabinet Parameter (Customized):  


Kitchen Funriture World--customized life

Kitchen Funriture World--customized life.reture to a cozy life.

From dawn to the dusk,people can’t stop their hurried Footsteps.For busy paces of a city,pressure and fatigue.Home becomes the space for us to temporarily hide from hard work,relieve ourselves.And enjoy a good life.The story that is related to home is showing at somwhere in a city.

The increasingly changing overall home in current days

The increasingly changing overall home in current days shows a scientific,advanced and comprehensive decorative philosophy and way by complying with the era requirements.

CBM decoration looks fo a new breakthrough in innovation and caters to consumer demands to capacity.It solves consumer demands for aesthetics,quality and overall individuality for home products.It give the most convenient and fastest user experience.It brings the green,confortable and professional home products to each person who loves life.


Europe Series Kitchen Cabinet & American Series Kitchen Cabinet

Someone is always looking forward to going to the poetry and remote place in their mind.Sometimes,we need a quiet and comfortable place.We want to enjoy quietness of life and enjoy simplicity and pureness.In the spacious and bright environment.The design philosophy of returening to simplicity and mixture without disorder in-depth penetration and beauty of light luxury.


Kinds of Inner construction for Drawer & Cabinet


Storage savvy

A well-organized home is helpful in our effort to streamiline and simplify,Put these ideas to work in your space.


A.Chrome tray divider cabinet

Store cutting boards,baking sheets and pizza pans.


B.Roll trays

Reduce bending and stooping by bringing cabinet contents to you


C.Utility cabinet with roll trays

Adjustable roll trays offer customizable storage.


D.6-inch base pantry pullout

 Store small but often used items close at hand.


E.Pegged dish organizer

Customize peg placement for your storage needs.


F.Tipout trays

Keep sponges and scrubbers at the ready.


G.Wood cutlery tray

A quality tray that is trimmable to fit several drawer widths.


H.Plastic cutlery tray

Store cutlery with style in this durable,easy to clean tray available in several sizes.


Door style

A.Door Panel

B.DTC six-way adjustable soft close hinge.

C.3/4" thick plywood shelf,with white medlamine laminate on both sides.

D.Back panel with plywood frame.

E.3/4" thick side panel,with white melamine laminate on both sides.

F.3/4" thick plywood bottom panel and end panel of drawers.

G.Toekick made of matching door panel material.

H.Easy-to-install cam lock syste,.

I.DTC undermounted soft closed slider,or other options.

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