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Modern people pay more and more attention to fashion and environmental protection, and the requirements for home decoration are also selected according to this point. So how to choose the mirror for the bathroom? Experts believe that the best choice as a bathroom fittingsmirror is a frameless mirror: 1. The frame of a framed mirror is easy to breed bacteria and dust, which is not conducive to health; the frameless mirror does not have the above problems because of its borderlessness. 2. A framed mirror The thickness of the mirror is invisible to the naked eye. It is possible that you are buying a mirror with a thickness of 5MM, but it is only 3MM in reality; rimless mirrors are more intuitive, and there is no see through at a glance. Fine, the treatment is not meticulous enough, the mercury mirror is easy to rust under long-term humidity. Frameless mirrors are exposed to all sides of the mirror, so the edging processing requirements are very strict, and they have to go through a lot of rough grinding and fine grinding of processes and procedures. 4. In terms of the function of the bathroom fittingsmirror, the frameless bathroom fittingsmirror can add a light source by itself. The face mirror adopts a touch switch, which is fashionable and beautiful. The combination of light and shadow makes the self in the mirror look richer; it can also be used as lighting at night light source. The general category of mirrors can be divided into aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors according to their materials. When we choose mirrors, we try to choose silver mirrors. The mercury density is high. It fits closely with the glass. It is not easy to enter water and moisture. It has strong corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time. At present, the waterproof mirrors on the market are basically silver mirrors. Aluminum mirror: Aluminum mirror, also known as aluminized mirror, is cleaned and polished successively, high-vacuum metal deposition aluminum plating, rapid oxygen reaction, first corrosion-resistant paint and drying, second waterproof and hard paint And drying and other processing procedures are made. This kind of mirror is very easy to distinguish, and it is very different from the silver mirror in terms of surface clarity, thickness and weight. The quality problems of this type of products are mainly manifested in: 1. The service life is easier to black edges and black background; 2. The mirror is blurred and the image is white; 3. The bottom paint is easy to fall off. Silver mirror: commonly known as water-proof mirror and mercury mirror, it is divided into two categories according to the processing flow, ordinary silver mirror and silver mirror produced by professional silver mirror line. Silver mirrors are widely used in decoration, bathroom mirrors, and makeup mirrors. A: Ordinary silver mirror: There are only two layers of coating, the first layer is coated with mercury, and the second layer is painted with protective paint. This kind of silver mirror is not easy to identify in the eyes of ordinary consumers, but it can be distinguished by people with a little professional knowledge. The performance is rough workmanship, small spots, many bubbles, low reflectivity and short life. Ordinary manufacturers mostly choose this kind of raw materials. B: Professional silver mirror line Silver mirror: There are five layers of coating in the assembly line processing: mercury, copper, release agent, high temperature paint, and protective primer. The surface of the silver mirror is flat and clear, and the back is smooth. The quality is excellent. Using this type of product to process into a cbm mirror has the following advantages: 1. It is not easy to penetrate the bottom and transmit light. Because there are four layers of paint on the back as protection, it is difficult to damage the silver-plated mercury layer with a slight back scratch. 2. The service life is long, and there will be basically no black edges and black backgrounds within 2 years. 3. The mirror surface is flat, clear and lifelike. 4. High-grade float glass can be made into tinted mirrors/color mirrors of various colors to increase different decoration effects, such as: silver mirror, gold mirror, gray mirror, green mirror, purple mirror, blue mirror, tea cbm mirror, black etc. According to the different patterns of the mirror surface: Changhong mirror, tree pattern mirror, cracked cbm mirror, etc. CBMLED bathroom mirror, home bathroom and bathroom mirror manufacturer!
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