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The variety of tiles must be matched with a suitable decoration style, so that it can give full play to its nature and advantages. Let's briefly look at a few tiles that match the decoration style.

1. Simple style: Simple style is a decoration style that modern people like. Pursue practicality and simplicity. Just choose light-toned pure polished tiles or marble tiles. Achieve the desired effect.

2. Mediterranean style: Mainly romantic, blue sky and white clouds, natural and fresh, using some matt antique tiles and mosaics.

3. European style: European style is compatible with luxurious elegance and modern fashion. It is not only luxurious but also cozy and romantic. You can choose light-colored marble tiles.

4. Classical style: Classical style is magnificent and luxurious. The color should be soft, delicate and textured tiles.

5. French style: French style is exquisite and romantic. You can choose vitrified tiles or polished tiles, the color is low-key, creating a simple and elegant atmosphere of the space. 6. Pastoral style: The pursuit is simple and natural, elegant and comfortable, just choose antique bricks.

7. Chinese style: Incorporate Chinese classical elements into the decoration. The ceramic tiles should be matched with antique bricks that advocate dark colors. Do not use polished tiles.

8. Korean style: With the popularity of Korean dramas, Korean decoration has become a trend of modern young people. This style is more warm and lovely. You can choose light-colored marble ceramic tile.

9. Southeast Asian style: It has the characteristics of a clan, mainly leisure and comfort, and can only use stone and solid wood to create a luxurious and primitive state.

10. Mix and match styles: Pursue personalized decoration, mix and match at will, choose according to personal preference, can be exaggerated, and the color is complicated.

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