Home kitchen decoration should pay attention to these eight matters! ! !


1. Kitchen area

   The use area of u200bu200bthe kitchen should be moderate. If it is too large, it will undoubtedly be a waste, while if it is too small, it will be overcrowded. The reasonable area should generally be about 10 square meters. It is also necessary to ensure the natural lighting and reasonable ventilation of the kitchen space. If the kitchen area is large enough, a small dining table can be placed so that it can also be used as a dining room. There is no need to find another space for the dining room. A carpet can be placed under the dining table to separate the space. If the kitchen area is small, you should pay attention to storage.

2. Choose wooden products carefully in the kitchen

   When using a large number of wooden products in the kitchen, attention should be paid to the perfection of the kitchen’s ventilation and air exchange system to avoid long-term accumulation of water vapor on the floor and On the wall, the wood products are cracked, deformed, and even rotted.

3. Kitchen lamps

  Kitchen lamps should adopt waterproof lamps such as anti-fog lamps, etc. The line joints should be strictly treated with waterproof insulating tape to prevent water vapor from entering. Cause a short circuit and cause a fire. Kitchen lighting needs to be divided into two levels: one is the lighting for the entire kitchen, and the other is the lighting for washing, preparation, and operation.

4. Kitchen curtains

   The curtains in the kitchen should be blinds coated with aluminum alloy paint. Try not to use fabric curtains to avoid difficult to clean after being contaminated with oil.

5. Kitchen tiles

The choice of    wall tiles should consider the degree of indoor light exposure, and matt and light-colored tiles should be used for spaces that are too bright and too dark to avoid light pollution , The formation of visual fatigue. The choice of floor tiles considers color and gloss. Non-slip tiles should be selected, and the interface should be small to prevent accumulation of dirt and be easy to clean. Do not use mosaic flooring. So as not to slip and fall and cause bodily injury.

6. Kitchen storage

  The function of the kitchen determines that it is a place where the home environment is prone to 'dirty, messy, and poor'. How to make the kitchen beautiful and tidy is another important purpose of kitchen decoration besides convenient functions. To make full use of space, use counters, wall cabinets, etc., and wall cabinets are generally made of 30 to 40 cm wide multi-layer grids. The furniture should be in a closed form as much as possible, and all kinds of utensils and articles should be stored in cabinets, which is hygienic and tidy. The low cabinets in the kitchen are made of drawers, and the sliding type is easy to take and put, and the vision is also better. The gap between the operating platforms of the wall cabinet can be used to put some utensils needed in cooking.

7. Kitchen ceiling

  The top and wall surfaces of the kitchen should be made of fire-resistant, heat-resistant, and easy-to-clean materials, such as glazed tile walls and aluminum ceilings. The kitchen ceiling should consider using waterproof products, that is, waterproof gypsum board, water-resistant putty and high-performance waterproof latex paint, so that it will not cause inconvenience in use while being beautiful.

8. Kitchen oil fume problem

The height of the range hood is subject to the height of the user, and the distance between the oil extraction and medicine pump hood and the stove should not exceed 60 cm. Install the cabinet first and then install the range hood, which is prone to trouble, so install it at the same time as the cabinet. When purchasing household items such as range hoods, the Chinese style has a stronger suction power than the European style.

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