Hotel bathroom mirrors: how to test double-sided mirrors

Recently, the news of the double-sided mirror has been paid attention to by the masses again. This has brought some impact on many hotels. Many people are worried about whether the hotel is safe for their privacy. When we enter the hotel toilet supplier, bathroom, hotel room, changing room, etc., How to make it clear that an ordinary mirror hung on the wall surface is a real mirror or a two-way mirror (they can see you, but you can't see them)? There have been many cases where people have installed two-way mirrors in women's locker rooms, and it is very difficult for us to judge it from the surface. So, when we see a mirror, how do we determine what kind of cbm mirror it is? Just do the following simple test: Put the tip of your nail on the surface of the mirror. If there is a gap between the tip of your nail and the reflected image, it is a real mirror. (Because the mirror uses mercury to be plated on the back of the glass to cause reflection, and the glass itself has thickness, so if you put something close to the real mirror, it will be a few mm away from the scene in the mirror) However, if your nail tips can Touch the reflected image of the nail directly, beware! That's a two-way mirror! When choosing a bathroom fittingsmirror, the hotel must be cautious, because this will affect the trust and love of consumer groups in the hotel! CBMLED hotel bathroom fittingsmirrors, with safe quality, high-quality quality, and affordable prices, bring high-end services to the hotel.
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