How about a brick bathroom?


The surface feature of the whole body tile is a little rougher. Because of this, the whole body marble tile has good slip resistance and abrasion resistance. Among them, the beautiful pattern of 'blooded bricks' is even more confusing. However, it also has a fatal shortcoming that it is easy to get dirty. The pores of the bricks are easy to contain dirt and become weak when they are slightly dirty. The surface layer of the whole body brick has fine particles. The direct benefit is that it may have low water absorption and strong anti-permeability. However, this depends on the brand. You should choose a better brand and have better eyesight. Some products of poor quality will have interlayer cracking. The whole body brick is suppressed twice, and no one can catch it badly. The whole body brick is a kind of very moisture-proof brick body. When the whole body brick is used in the kitchen decoration floor, the cooking and cooking can be dirty and can be scrubbed with general detergent and metal wire, and it will not produce any unsightly small scratches. In other words, stains affect the appearance. In normal handling, be careful to prevent dirt and dust from penetrating into the brick body, once it penetrates, it can't be wiped off. Natural stone has a large thickness because of its low strength. Therefore, it is not recommended to use full-body tiles in the bathroom.

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