How about background wall tiles?


The background wall tiles are based on personalized customized production and manufacturing, and their patterns are very rich, and the design styles are varied. The actual effect of decoration design is very tall. Generally used for TV background wall, it can also be used as sofa background wall, which is more suitable for wall decoration such as bookstores, rooms, living room bar counters, etc.

Strengths of background wall tiles:

(1) Diversified decoration design: background wall tiles have a variety of design styles, colorful, and the design concept is very beautiful and generous, suitable for Chinese style , European style, low-key luxury, simple fashion, pastoral style decoration design.

(2) Branding product quality, choose antique floor tiles, fully polished glazed floor tiles, microcrystalline stone floor tiles and other low water absorption and high wear resistance The floor tiles that are durable, waterproof, moisture-proof and stain-resistant are produced and processed, and the actual effect of processing and coloring is good.

(3) Diversified process technology: The process technology of background wall tiles includes flat carving, double carving, relief pattern, plain carving, and layered carving. Choose the surface of the tile, brush the texture effect, and insert it. Various techniques such as bronzing, silver spraying, three-dimensional micro-engraving, net engraving, melaleuca engraving, etc. The textures produced are beautiful and beautiful under the background of the floor tiles.

(4) Customized humanization, background wall tiles can be tailored according to the actual size of the house decoration, and personalized color patterns and patterns can be tailored.

(5) It is durable and easy to clean for a long time. The color on the surface of the tile and the surface of the tile are integrated from the inside to the outside, and the high-density protective glaze makes it durable and long-lasting , Cleaning only needs to be scrubbed with a clean rag.

The shortcomings of background wall tiles:

(1) The market price is relatively high because of the production cycle time of background wall tiles Longer, from the submission of the order to the end of the production, the production time generally takes about ten days; and in order to better achieve the actual effect of the decoration design and avoid the falling of the floor tiles, the construction technology needs are relatively high.

(2) Don’t have too many colors, the actual effect of the decorative design of the background wall tiles is flexible, lively and interesting, and more decorative designs are in the entrance hall, the living room TV wall marble background wall, bedroom wall or dining room The design, room and other areas fully reflect the quality of life and taste of the owner's family in the entire living room. If there are too many colors, it will have some adverse effects on the usual raw words.

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