How about diamond tiles?


Everyone knows that ceramic tiles can bring a good design to our house decoration, and patterns of different colors can also make it look different.

1: Manufacturing process

The production process of diamond ceramic tiles is more complicated, so it has more advantages than other ceramic tile products. This is because granular diamonds are added in the production of ceramic tiles, so the hardness of the ceramic tiles can be guaranteed. On the surface of the diamond tile, we can see that there is a thick protective surface layer, which can make the surface of the tile more wear-resistant.


2: Ceramic tile fruit

The ceramic tile is based on the production of glazed tiles, once again It has been innovative, so that the porcelain surface has no water lines, and the texture and lines are clear and natural. Compared with the soft polishing of the full polished glaze, this product chooses the hard polished to make the glaze smoother. After the second ceramic tile processing technology, the color of the surface of the ceramic tile looks relatively smooth, so it can present an elegant and beautiful ceramic tile design.

3: Ceramic tile cutting

The four peripheral corners of the diamond tiles have been specially treated again, and they feel very textured. The color of the whole paving is natural, and the surface is smooth and smooth. The texture and lines of the surface layer are very clear. Of course, if it is a high-quality diamond tile product, you can try seamless splicing and paving during home decoration construction, and the visual effect will be better.


4: Green body material

The green body of diamond tiles has undergone strict requirements Choose, and all the enamels are imported materials, the cost is relatively higher than other ceramic tiles, and the production process requirements are also higher. Therefore, diamond ceramic tiles have many advantages, which completely solve the shortcomings and deficiencies of traditional ceramic tiles, so they are quite practical in daily life applications.

5: Tile Paving

Diamond tiles can not only have a smoother surface than other tiles, but also the surface of the tiles is bright and transparent, which can always maintain a jade-like appearance. This is because diamond tiles have undergone many kinds of processing on the basis of other tiles, which makes the tiles more superior. After more than one thousand degrees of high temperature firing products, the structure and texture of the tiles are fine and vivid, and the design is strong. Therefore, after its launch, it has attracted the attention of many consumers with its novel and unique styles.


There are many styles of Minmetals ceramics. As a ceramic tile manufacturer with 15 years of enterprise ceramic production and operation, Minmetals ceramics. New ceramic tiles have been continuously introduced, and the quality is reliable, so it is not surprising to get orders for large and small projects and home improvement from all over the world~!

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