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How about imitation wood grain floor tiles

by:CBM     2021-06-22

Imitation wood grain floor tiles are a very fashionable and trendy pavement building decoration material in recent years, and are deeply loved by many customers. Because the mahogany grain on the surface of the imitation wood-grain floor tiles is of course comfortable, it gives people a feeling of returning to the original, and there is no need to worry about indoor formaldehyde and other problems.

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1. How about imitation wood grain floor tiles

1. Imitation solid wood flooring is more wear-resistant than pure solid wood flooring The coefficient is better, for example, the wear-resistant revolutions of imitation solid wood flooring can also exceed 6000 to 10000 revolutions.

2. Strong prevention ability. Compared with pure solid wood flooring, it will be more resistant to impact, burning, aging, withstanding long-term application, and not easy to wear out.

3. Imitation solid wood flooring has good stability. It is not so easy to suddenly swell like pure solid wood flooring after being heated. It can become smaller under cold conditions, and its reasonable layout is reliable. problem.

4. Simple installation and cost saving. The installation method of imitation solid wood flooring is relatively easy, generally speaking, the floating type can be used. Under normal circumstances, a house with an area of u200bu200b40 to 80 square meters is installed with imitation solid wood flooring. If an employee spends 6 to 9 hours, the time of pure solid wood flooring automation equipment is about 4 to 6 times that of imitation solid wood flooring installation, not only that on weekdays Elimination can reduce part of the time compared with pure solid wood flooring.

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Second, the advantages and disadvantages of imitation wood grain floor tiles

1. The amount of materials is reduced to a low level, and it has ecological and environmental protection effects that make pure solid wood flooring unmatched. At the same time, it can also design the appearance according to consumers' hobbies, even if it is the surface layer of the pure solid wood floor that is imitations with natural texture as the competition.

2. The texture of the imitation wood-grain floor tiles is lifelike, and the touch feeling by hand is very similar to the wooden floor. It is made of wood-grain decorative glaze, and has the same touch as solid wood panels. It has the advantages of ceramic tiles and the characteristics of pure solid wood flooring. It has the advantages of anti-humidity, anti-dirt, anti-moth, low water absorption, and no fading; however, solid wood boards are more difficult to grow and are easily damaged. They are particularly easy to wear after water absorption, shrink and warp.

However, there are still very big differences between imitation wood grain floor tiles and pure solid wood flooring. Its touch is not pure solid wood flooring. The decoration effect of imitation wood grain floor tiles is not as high-grade and beautiful as the pure solid wood floor looks.

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