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How About Intelligent / Smart LED Shower Head?

How About Intelligent / Smart LED Shower Head?


         We all know that a shower head is a shower head whose main function is to produce water for us to bathe in. But do you know what a smart led shower head is? What is the difference between a smart led shower head and a normal shower head? What are its advantages? The following is a brief introduction to what makes a smart led shower head different by CBM Industry. 

Intelligent/Smart led shower

The intelligent led light shower makes rational use of water power, combined with a mini water generator to use the power of the water to generate electricity when bathing, thus driving the internal coloured lights of the shower, presenting a splash of colour when bathing, washing away the dust and at the same time making people feel refreshed.

For temperature control shower, intelligent led light sensor shower, through the built-in temperature sensor, always remind the bathers of the change of water temperature, the shower light will change with the change of water temperature, so that consumers do not have to worry about the water temperature of the sudden high and low and be scalded, you can enjoy the pleasure of bathing. The colourful shower will change randomly, making your bathroom full of colour, like walking into a fairy tale.


The LED shower is equipped with a miniature water generator, which does not require electricity or batteries and automatically emits light when the water comes out, in line with the current concept of energy saving and environmental protection.

The intelligent led light sensor shower is made of high quality engineering ABS, and each set of product is designed and moulded after several links of experimentation. The holes on the shower are polished and clean, with no production errors or defects such as burrs or phi-fronts. The shape is beautiful and harmonious, with an advanced design concept, combining the appearance design with the functional design in a reasonable way. The small shower can be transformed into a stylish and beautiful artwork in an instant.

The finished led shower has been tested 10,000 times with no leaks and functions normally. The finished showerhead is also tested 3000 times continuously with no looseness or leakage and functions normally. For the LED shower, the test is even more stringent and will be tested under high pressure water flow without interruption to ensure that the internal motor does not have problems and that the temperature controller and LED work properly.

The above is what I have introduced to you, the place where the smart led shower is different, after reading the above introduction, do you have an urge to buy one? Yes, the smart led shower is not only smart, but also allows us to enjoy the visual beauty when bathing.

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