How about King Kong Super Crystal Jade Tiles?


The process of polishing tiles is used to make the fully polished glazed tiles different from ordinary tiles. The glazed surface is made of crystal wear-resistant glaze. After high temperature firing, all the molecules inside the tiles are sealed. There are no gaps. Therefore, it can maintain the brightness for a long time, without fading, hard and wear-resistant. In addition, the fully polished glazed tiles have very good air permeability and better water absorption. Compared with other natural material tiles, they have a uniform, stable, and stable texture. Dense. Therefore, fully polished glazed tiles are generally used in home decoration, rather than in the decoration of streets or passages. Compared with polished tiles, fully polished glaze products are richer in design and color. After the tiles are fired at high temperature, the coloring texture of the pattern is a dialysing color, not the rough pattern on the surface of ordinary tiles, but the special colored texture that is visible and intangible. The colors are bright, the variety of patterns is diverse, and the texture is natural. Fully polished glaze products can be polished or not, which can meet the preferences of different consumer groups. The concept of super crystal jade tiles is only proposed by individual manufacturers, but generally it should refer to fully polished glazed tiles. When distinguishing from microcrystalline stone tiles, you can look at the side. Generally, there are 2 to 3 mm glass on the surface of microcrystalline stone tiles. It is divided into layers, and the side of the super crystal jade bricks should be only a thin layer on the surface, which is similar to a layer of paint. Hope can help you. Thank you. First, ceramic tiles are generally divided into five grades, namely high-quality, first-class, second-class, third-class and second-class products. Consumers should pay attention to the logo, specification and color number on the tile packaging box when purchasing. Is it the same? Is the product certificate, trademark and quality inspection label clear?

Second, see whether the size of the ceramic tiles is standard. The standard size is not only conducive to construction, but also can reflect the effect of decoration. Good ceramic tiles have small deviations in specifications, good pasting effects, straight tile joints, and very good decorative effects.

Still very good

How about super spar tiles, talk about its advantages and disadvantages

Super spar tiles are actually between full polished glaze A product between and microcrystalline stone, the price is not as expensive as microcrystalline stone, the crystal is thicker than full polished glaze, the effect will be better. It has the characteristics of wear-resistant, non-slip and economical. The abrasion resistance and cost performance are better than microcrystalline stone, and the decorative texture of microcrystalline stone is better

The grade of microcrystalline stone brick is very high, the texture is very good, the hardness is strong, the grain is clear, the price is very high, and the texture is very high. After the pasting is completed, you must professionally protect it, otherwise the surface will be damaged if you are a little careless during the decoration process!

New products, just like when the microcrystalline stone came out a few years ago, there were more problems. Now the technology is more and more mature, and the products are also very good. Try it if you like it!

The ceramic products of the Minmetals Ceramics brand are exquisite in workmanship, cost-effective, and relatively affordable. The raw materials used for their ceramic products include finely ground porcelain powder, trace wear-resistant minerals, and imported dry particles. , Imported glazes, etc., and are made of nanotechnology through professional three-degree firing and multiple printing processes. It is wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, acid-base resistant, non-slip, non-radiation, and durable. It is worth choosing.

The ceramic tiles of Minmetals Ceramics can make the interior decoration very warm and natural, and the surface of the tiles is also very wear-resistant, moisture-proof and impact-resistant. It is also one of the best among many tile brands. Ceramics not only have excellent product quality, but also the products launched have attracted the hearts of many customers. What customers value is the after-sales service of ceramic tiles.

The quality of the ceramic tiles of Minmetals Ceramics is quite good. His tiles are light in weight, waterproof, insect-proof, odorless, resistant to pollution, easy to clean, and have a good sound insulation effect. Installation is also more convenient, there are many styles of ceramic tiles, and the price is divided into three grades: high, medium and low, suitable for different consumers of all ages.

Diamond grinding wheels are made of diamond abrasives as raw materials, and metal powder, resin powder, ceramics and electroplated metals are used as binders. The round consolidated abrasive tools with through holes are called diamond grinding wheels ( Alloy grinding wheel).

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