How can the phenomenon of tile color difference be completely solved?


The color difference will appear after floor tiles are laid, which is a relatively common tile problem in the process of house decoration. I think that most of the color difference problems are not all floor tile product quality problems. In many, many cases, they are caused by indirect causes. Color differences will appear, mainly due to some specific circumstances:

1. There are color differences between floor tiles with the same production batch number and color. There are 2 or more colors in the same production batch number, the same number, and the same color. This situation is likely to be caused by product quality problems that originally appeared on the floor tiles, and product instability. Two colors are produced during the kiln firing operation. In this case, it is also very likely that the color of the product is wrong during production.

Processing method: During the trial paving, analyze the floor tiles according to 4 basic criteria: one is the overall glossiness, the second is the texture and the lines are connected, the third is the natural connection, and the fourth is The key is that the floor tiles have no obvious difference. When analyzing, pay special attention to the background color as the main and the pattern as the supplement. There is no need for meticulous to locality or the division of bricks. If the analyzed floor tiles have 2 or more colors, you must communicate with the agent to discuss and adjust the goods to ensure that the floor tiles are generally the same in number and color before starting paving.

2, the original pursuit of the actual effect of the color difference of the product. Sometimes, the color difference is also likely to be 'intentional.' Whether it is jade floor tiles or marble floor tiles, they all pursue the delicate practical effects of pure natural textures and patterns. In order to create a delicate and practical effect, the pattern design texture, texture and processing technology toning skills will be particularly naturally connected. The texture and texture pieces are similar but not the same. The actual effect of the overall paving must be achieved. The actual effect of this kind of natural connection is sometimes mistaken for the 'color difference' of the floor tiles.

How to deal with it: Before buying, clearly understand the problem of this kind of normal situation caused by the pursuit of pure natural texture and pattern of floor tiles.

3. Insufficient water. Part of the tiles are not sufficiently soaked in water, or the time period of soaking in water is too long to cause the water content of the green body to be different. In this case, the color difference will also be generated. On the other hand, if the waterproof layer is not installed in time, the floor tiles will see different levels of ground water will also cause this specific situation.

Processing method: After drying naturally, this kind of 'color difference' will gradually disappear. Of course, in the case of paving, it is recommended that the moisture content of the green body is as the same as possible.

4. Color differences caused by improper paving treatment. There are some community owners who do not have the problem of color difference when laying a whole piece of floor tiles, and they also understand the problem of 'color difference' that arises when they are naturally connected. But in the actual operation of cutting bricks, it is because the actual operation is not appropriate, which leads to the phenomenon of fracture of the gloss layer of the product and causes the color difference.

Processing method: unfold reasonable and effective trial paving, unfold paving according to the pattern direction, and keep the overall consistency.

5. Mix tiles of different numbers and colors. In the case of installation, the decorator did not see the number color clearly, and pasted the different number color and batch number together.

Processing method: Before paving, carefully check the number, color, model specification and mix together to generate color difference. , Avoid mixed shop and start trial shop.

6. Color differences brought about by visual effects. Insufficient lighting in the indoor space or different analysis angles can also generate visual color differences.

Processing method: See clearly the interference of light on the product. In my opinion, no matter what kind of product, the trial shop before laying can be guaranteed to be foolproof. Most of the color differences caused by indirect reasons can be dealt with through a clear self-awareness and trial shop. Of course, the method and skill of the paving and decoration master is also very important.

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