How can we make floor tiles more 'excellent'


The difficulty of removing stains on floor tiles confuses many people. This is the same as accidentally stained with oil stains on colorful clothing, which makes it difficult for people to let go. This is because, why does the 'face' of the floor tiles in your house become flowery? How can we protect the floor tiles reasonably and effectively, and make them look new for a long time?

One: Anti-rust of floor tiles. Good helper of vitamin C. Humidity in restaurant kitchens and shower rooms is inevitable. This is because rust is very easy to leave on the floor tiles close to the water pipes. In fact, rust can be avoided and removed.

Frequently asked questions: scale, dirt, and rust are difficult to remove. Water pipes in restaurants, kitchens, and shower rooms often require water. Over time, floor tiles can easily form yellow rust or scale dirt behind the water pipes or on the ground where water is often encountered, which is difficult to clean.

Solution: Rub with vitamin C. The rust on the floor tiles can be cleaned and removed with a 2% oxalic acid solution, and then wiped clean with water. In addition, you can also use 3-4 vitamin C tablets to grind them into powder and sprinkle them on the surface of the floor tiles. After that, you need to rub them several times with water to remove rust stains.

Maintenance tips: Anti-rust starts with protection. 1: Anti-rust oil or professional rust remover can be used for floor tiles behind tap water pipes that are very easy to embroider to prevent embroidering and remove rust. Coup 2: Part of the rust-prone floor tiles are polished, coated, greased, and anti-rust oil is used to avoid rust.

Two: acid cleaning agent. Floor tiles are oil- and stain-proof. The way to avoid oil stains in restaurants and kitchens is undoubtedly to tiling tiles, and the prerequisite is not to use floor tiles of poor quality. This is because if the density of the firing porcelain is insufficient, it will permeate water and absorb oil stains, which will lead to greater problems!

Frequently asked questions: oil stains are difficult to remove. The restaurant kitchen is a place with more serious oil stains, and it is inevitable that the floor tiles on the restaurant kitchen have oil stains, especially in the gaps, there is also a thick layer of oil stains that are difficult to remove.

Solution: Acid cleaning agent can help. Regarding the long-term residue on the floor tiles, it is useless to remove the oil stains alone. If the oil stains on the floor tiles or gaps are really thick, first use a shovel to shovel it, or use a steel wire ball to clean it first. After being thinned, it can be cleaned with an acidic or dissolved component-containing cleaning agent.

Maintenance tips: Material selection and installation are crucial. Coup 1: Use vitrified tiles in places with serious oil stains such as restaurants and kitchens. The oil repellent effect is very good, and the visual effect is also very good. Coup 2: Paste anti-greasy stickers on the floor tiles with more oily stains, and use a beauty joint agent in the gaps between the floor tiles and apply them to the joints of the floor tiles, which is beautiful and resistant to oil stains.

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