How does the tile match collage look good?


Some spaces that need to be strengthened can be represented by colorful tiles. Tiles are probably products that can show an 'alternative' visual sense. In the modern bathroom, there are a few white clouds floating in the blue sky as the background-it's a pretty picture. As long as there is a heart and a good combination, a good work can be produced.

Puzzle master

Kitchen: Paving the wall in a small area can break the way of covering the whole area. Only use tiles in the cooking area and washing area, while other walls are still used Paint is integrated with the living room and dining room. The color of the tiles and the matching of the wall and furniture, window decorations, fabrics and stickers are also very important. Only in harmony and unity can you show your unique charm and taste, allowing you to enjoy life in your own space.

Bathroom: The use of different colors alternately should be a private place, and it is a playground for us to fully play. You can choose tiles of different colors to be used staggered to create a dreamlike feeling. You can also use tiles to form a theme wall on one wall. Of course, only one or two tiles or a decorative line can also play a finishing touch.

Fashion post method: In addition to the brick and brick collage is more important for the joints, it is also a fashionable method to spread various shapes at the joints of the floor tiles and the wooden floor, which is effective in terms of effects. When it comes to regional division, it doesn't look dull and boring anymore. It is also a good way to stagger the use of tiles of different colors. For example, the surrounding tiles are laid directly, and the middle is laid diagonally. The colorful tiles of various specifications and shapes provide you with ample space for your imagination. , Has become a highlight in the decoration.

It is a good idea to try to use different paving methods in a staggered manner. For example, the surrounding bricks are laid directly, and the middle is laid diagonally. It is even better if you are a puzzle master.

Color and matching

Blue and green: suitable for the restaurant floor, allowing people to experience the joy and comfort of the rural style; blue and green series of walls and floor tiles are easy to make People think of the depth of the sky and the vastness of the grassland; the red series of floor tiles make the ground look special and a gorgeous feeling; the gray series of floor tiles are more cultural and natural; the contrast between black and white can be Increase the sense of hierarchy and structure of the ground.

Beige: The series of floor tiles suitable for the floor of the living room will always be the main color of the floor of the living room, giving the living room a magnificent and elegant; stone grain color is also a good choice, which is simple and natural, but also heavy And rich in connotation.

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