How much do you know about marble tiles?


The fast-paced life makes modern people prefer simple and easy-to-care things. In recent years, marble floor tiles have attracted the attention of many decorators. In the past five years, the sales of marble have increased more than four times. What is a marble floor tile? What are the advantages and disadvantages of marble floor tiles? If you want to choose a suitable floor material for your home, you must first have a deep understanding. In this article, we will introduce marble floor tiles.

With the increasing environmental pollution, environmental protection has penetrated into every corner of our lives, and decoration is no exception. In order to reduce the release of indoor formaldehyde and other harmful substances, many people will choose marble floor tiles. Compared with ordinary floors, the amount of harmful substances released by marble floor tiles is indeed lower. If you have a baby or an elderly at home, then it is recommended Everyone buys marble floor tiles to protect themselves and their families.

1. What is a marble floor tile?

Marble floor tiles refer to floor tiles made of marble. The marble tiles used as floors are very attractive because there are no two identical marble tiles. The texture of each brick is unique, especially when the patterns are combined in different colors and sizes. This is why marble tiles are installed in different ways in homes that are both decorative and functional. The quality of the tiles and their natural beautiful appearance help to create a series of different types, different colors, patterns and textures of marble tiles. Therefore, with high wear resistance, high smoothness, waterproof and anticorrosive, bright and generous marble tiles are often used in homes, hotels, restaurants, subway stations, airports, stations, docks and other densely populated ground and wall decorations.

Second, what are the advantages of marble floor tiles?

1. Beautiful and generous. Perhaps the first attraction of marble floor tiles is its beautiful appearance. Few building materials are as beautiful as marble. There are dozens of different varieties of marble, and the color choices range from black to pink to white, and even dark green with white texture (this is a kind of expensive marble). Marble tiles can complement many different decorative styles, from classic to ultra-modern.

2. Strength improvement: After the marble is compounded with ceramic tiles, granite, aluminum honeycomb panels, the bending, bending and shearing strength is obviously improved and greatly reduced The damage rate during transportation, installation and use.

3. Longevity, the life span of marble floor tiles is beyond imagination and has durability. Marble is an ancient building material, especially favored by the Greeks and Romans. Their special marble works still exist today. If you install marble correctly in a suitable area, such as a floor that is not frequently used, you may not need to replace marble floor tiles throughout your life.

4. Improved anti-pollution ability: Ordinary original marble slab (full-body slab) during installation or later use, such as wet pasting with cement, is likely to be half a year or one Years later, various discolorations and stains appeared on the marble surface, which were very difficult to remove. The composite board has a harder and denser bottom plate and a thin layer of glue to prevent this from happening.

3. What are the disadvantages of marble floor tiles?

1. Cost

The cost of a typical marble floor tile is about US$4 to US$8 per square foot. Depending on the type you choose, you can Need to spend more than 8 US dollars per square foot. Certain marbles, especially darker ones, such as black and green varieties, require additional installation costs. Advantages: long-lasting durability Marble is a very durable, hard stone. If you accidentally drop the ceramic dinner plate on the linoleum, the dinner plate may not break. However, if you drop the ceramic dinner plate on the marble floor, it will be shattered into hundreds of pieces. The inherent sturdiness of marble is actually beneficial. You will never have to worry that your dog will scratch your floor with its paws.

2. Low stain resistance

People often confuse marble and granite. In fact, the two are not similar. Marble is almost never used for countertops, and granite is often used for countertops. This is because marble is porous and easy to stain. As a floor tile, marble is not as easily stained as a countertop. If it is not properly polished and sealed and a glass of red wine is spilled on it, you may need to replace the tiles.

3. Maintenance

The maintenance of marble floor tiles is not as simple as the maintenance of ceramic or granite floors. In order to keep the marble floor tiles shiny and clean, you need to polish them regularly. Marble requires special cleaning supplies, because most cleaners contain chlorine, which can damage polished tiles. In addition to cleaning and polishing, marble floors need to be resealed every 9 to 12 months.

In fact, marble floor tiles will also have different colors and effects, and a variety of decoration styles can be easily created. In fact, any product for home improvement has corresponding advantages and disadvantages. If You also like this kind of product, so you might as well buy it.

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