How much gray did he become famous


Since Fifty Shades of Gray became popular, this originally black and white world has added a popular neutral color-gray, so today let's take a look at the fame of gray bricks!

Special gray

Compared with the black and white colors, gray is very special. Neutral colors can be matched at will. If you think about it, there is no suitable word to describe it, but if you match it properly, it will have a master style.

The derailed gray is very brilliant

The retro-inspired hexagonal tiles are matched with classic black and white ash, which has a strong petty bourgeoisie. The random combination can also change the personality. The clever combination and paving of the wooden floor can give people a refreshing feeling. .

Grey, wild and quiet

Gray looks calm and atmospheric, simple and fashionable colors look very atmospheric, especially the combination of gray under the light looks more mysterious and quiet.

Simple and stable cement brick

Generally, large-area gray tiles are commonly used in tooling, especially in some bars or cafes. The calm gray is more calm in the whole lively atmosphere. There are several shades of gray for this tile to choose from. The selection of the scene can make the whole space more harmonious.

Antique anti-skid floor tiles

Don’t think that gray bricks can only be used with original cement bricks. It’s also good to change the taste to imitation leather texture occasionally. The textures and lines are simple and atmospheric, and the effect of the paving is also very beautiful and generous; at the same time, Minmetals The materials used are all environmentally friendly materials, and the products have passed the 3C compulsory certification and the national environmental protection standard certification. The materials are hard enough; it is a versatile home style.

Gray space transition

Color decoration can enhance the sense of tranquility of the entire space. No matter the warm and cold colors, there is a feeling of complementing each other, which makes the space penetrating and has an innate charm.

Hexagonal gray tiles

The classic hexagonal bricks are matched with simple gray and geometric patterns, giving the whole brick a bit more layering, and the paving will not look particularly boring.

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