How should bathroom mirrors be cleaned?

The bathroom mirror will produce stains after being used for a long time, so how should we clean the mirror surface? Regarding the cleaning of the mirror surface, we don't need to wipe it with detergent and water as usual, just wipe it with a dry cloth. When using mirrors, pay attention to the following five points to better extend the service life of hotel and family bathroom fittingsmirrors: 1. Do not use wet hands to touch the mirror surface, and do not use a damp cloth to wipe the mirror surface, which can avoid moisture. Intrusion; 2. The LED mirror can turn off the light when not in use; 3. The cbm mirror should not be in contact with salt, grease and acidic substances, which are likely to corrode the mirror surface; 4. The cbm mirror surface should be wiped with a soft dry cloth or cotton to prevent The mirror surface is scratched. 5. When you need to turn off the switch, first turn off the light of the LED mirror and then pull down the switch.
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