How to buy faucet

Look at appearance

The surface chromium plating process of a good faucet is very particular, and it usually takes a few steps to complete

Yes. Distinguishing [1] depends on its brightness. The smoother and brighter the surface, the better the quality.

Smell the smell

This is a step that consumers tend to ignore, that is, olfactory identification should be carried out on the spout of the faucet and avoid buying faucets with a pungent odor.

Request a guarantee

The state has control over the quality of faucets. During the purchase period, consumers should guide the purchaser to obtain product specifications and test reports, and pay attention to whether the data meets the national quality inspection requirements. In addition, if the water flow rate of the faucet is kept at about 8.3 liters/min, the best water saving effect can be achieved. Consumers can guide the purchaser to consult the product details.

Turn the handle

When turning the handle of a good faucet, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, and it can be opened and closed easily and without slipping. But inferior faucets not only have a large gap, but also a large sense of obstruction.

Listen to the sound

The material of the faucet is the most difficult to distinguish. A good faucet is cast copper as a whole, and the sound is dull when beaten. If the sound is very brittle, it must be stainless steel, and the quality will be worse.

Identification mark

If you really can’t distinguish, you can choose a more formal brand. Generally, regular products have the manufacturer's brand logo, while some informal products or some products of inferior quality are often only pasted with some paper labels, or even without any marks. Be careful when purchasing.

One has to look at the surface. Visually observe that the electroplating surface of the faucet should be evenly glossy and free of defects such as peeling, cracking, scorching, bottom exposure, peeling, dark spots and obvious pitting.

Learn about water saving

When purchasing, the sales unit is required to issue a quality inspection report to check whether its flow project indicators are water-saving.

Pay attention to the material

The faucet made of low-lead copper, pure copper and stainless steel is healthier and has better corrosion resistance.

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