How to choose and buy tiles?


1. Space should be distinguished when selecting floor tiles.

When selecting floor tiles, there must be a difference in material. Floor tiles are divided into polished tiles and glazed tiles. Polished tiles are also called vitrified tiles. They are characterized by good abrasion resistance and do not need to be soaked in water. Because they are smooth and beautiful, they are better to use in living rooms and dining rooms, and relatively speaking Wipe easily. Glazed tiles are also called mirror tiles. They are characterized by good slip resistance. The more water they encounter, the better the anti-slip effect. However, it should be noted that glazed tiles are more sensitive to dust, which reduces the anti-slip effect. Kitchens and bathrooms are easily wet, so use glazed tiles.

2. It is essential to understand the parameters

The hardness of ceramic tiles is the main parameter, which will directly affect the service life of ceramic tiles, which is especially important. The simple method is to listen to the sound by tapping. The crisp sound indicates that the internal quality is good, and it is not easy to deform and break; the color difference and size can be judged intuitively, and check whether the colors of a batch of tiles are roughly the same and whether it is better. The ground is put together, the color difference is small, and the size is regular.

Of course, the identification of technical functions cannot be based on perception alone. It depends on the manufacturer’s certification. Generally speaking, products that meet technical standards have a national certificate.

Another important parameter is abrasion resistance, which is divided into five degrees from low to high. Five degrees belong to super abrasion resistance and are generally not used for home decoration. Bricks used for home decoration are once to four. Choose between degrees. Water absorption also determines the use of ceramic tiles. Tiles with high water absorption have low density and sparse brick holes. They should not be used in places with frequent flow to avoid cleaning up after absorbing water and scale; tiles with low water absorption have high density and have very High moisture and dirt resistance.

3. View the inspection lectures

When consumers choose ceramic tiles, they can identify the quality of the tiles by checking the inspection lectures and certification certificates provided by the merchant. The test presentation is issued within six months, the 'judgment conclusion' of the test presentation must be qualified, and the inspection and repair unit that issues the test presentation must be powerful. Generally speaking, there are chapters such as CMA (Measuring Certification), CAL (Examination and Accreditation), CNAL (National Laboratory Accreditation), etc. in the test presentation. The number of chapters reflects the qualification of the maintenance unit. CMA is basically necessary, and some maintenance with lower qualifications The unit does not have the CAL chapter, and the provincial overhaul units with higher qualifications have the CNAL chapter. When viewing the certification certificate, the certificate must correspond to the product sold. This year, the 3C certification of ceramic tiles has begun. The 3C certification is the same certification standard in the country. Other related certifications in the past will be the same as the 3C certification. The ceramic tiles that have passed the 3C certification are reliable. Sex is better than average.

4. Ceramic tiles cannot be bought cheaply

Some small manufacturers fight crazy price wars by lowering production costs. I don’t know that ceramic tiles will need to be used for many years. I saved them for a while. I bought non-wearable tiles from a small manufacturer. After a year, the surface of the tiles was mottled, cracked and unsightly. Spend money to re-lay the bricks. First, the various electrical and gas pipelines that have been paved cannot be left idle; second, the chaos and noise of the second decoration has disturbed the whole family. The frightening thing is that some small manufacturers produce products that are not environmentally friendly in order to reduce costs. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers still choose ceramic tiles from regular manufacturers.

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