How to choose faucets and showers

With the development of society, many building materials industries are also advancing by leaps and bounds. Faced with a dazzling array of sanitary products, how to choose products that satisfy you? Today experts teach you how to choose good quality faucet showers. Commonly used faucets at home include washing machine faucets and sinks. There are 4 types of faucet, basin faucet and bathtub faucet.

1. Look at the coating

That is, the metal layer on the surface of the faucet is mostly chrome-plated or nickel-plated. The number of layers is different, and the effect is different. Products with poor coating quality have white surface color and unsmooth touch. After careful observation, pores or oxidized spots are easy to be found. The hardness is low and scratches are easy to occur. It is difficult to clean up the water mist on such a faucet when it is taken home. Easily corroded and rusted. A good coating has high brightness and uniform color, which can illuminate a person's shadow like a mirror. You can try it with your hands or breathe when you buy it. The coating quality of the faucet that disappears faster is relatively good.

2. Test the spool

The most important accessory on the faucet is the valve core, which can be opened dozens of times a day without any problems. Common faucet spools include stainless steel ball valves, ceramic disc spools, and roller spools. Now most products are equipped with ceramic spools. Good product spools can withstand hundreds of thousands of opening experiments. It is impossible to see it directly when you choose the faucet, but you can feel it by moving the handle back and forth. It is best not to choose products that are too loose or too tight. Only those that feel comfortable and smooth, and use flexible and comfortable faucets are good products.

3. Choose the style Not only depends on the quality of the faucet, but also choose the right style of the faucet.

Nowadays, there are many styles of faucet on the market, such as single handle, double handle, touch type and so on. Everyone chooses them according to family habits, product selection location and decoration style.

Generally, people who like convenience and speed, simple home decoration style prefer single-handle hot and cold water mixing faucet products, and those who are used to adjusting real estate forums, decoration forums, owners forums, water-saving temperature and European-style home decoration styles will choose double Handle faucets, touch faucets are often used on basins, suitable for young fashionistas.

4. Try the feel

When the quality and style are selected, this faucet may not be suitable for your home. Because it also needs to be matched with basins, bathtubs and other sanitary wares, you have to try the design of the product yourself, and reach out to feel the height of the faucet, the range of motion, and the angle of the outlet. Only the ergonomic design It will be comfortable to use.


Real Estate Forum, Decoration Forum, Owner Forum Water-saving products, you can see whether it really feels whether the bubbler of the product has a good combination of water and air, and whether the water column formed is sufficient and soft.

5. Check the logo. The logos of house buyers, house purchases, decoration forums, and brand leaders will generally be printed with lasers, which are beautiful and generous, and will not hinder consumers from using them. However, the OEM and miscellaneous products in some workshops have no logo or rough workmanship, which hinders their appearance and use.

Buying a house, buying a house,

6. Finally, ask the sales staff about the warranty of the faucet. The products of general brands will promise free warranty within five years, and some well-known brands will promise longer, so it is best to ask clearly when choosing.

In the past, the form of shower head was relatively simple. It was just a hose and shower head, which had fewer functions. Now, in addition to the shower head, many people have begun to use shower columns and shower screens, which look more atmospheric and have enhanced functionality. .

The method of selecting a shower head is roughly similar to that of a faucet, but there are several other points that need to be noted:

1. Appropriate Sprinkler

Nowadays, the types of sprinkler discs have been developed to more and larger. The diameter of the largest sprinkler can reach more than 80cm. Strong water pressure is needed to ensure sufficient and smooth running water, which is difficult for ordinary families to meet. The conditions to use it. Therefore, the choice of the size of the sprinkler depends not only on your preference, but also on the size of the bathroom space and the indoor water pressure. Relatively speaking, 8-inch and 12-inch products are more suitable for ordinary household use. If you want to use a larger product, it is best to know the actual situation in advance before making a decision.

2. Be specific to the details

If you choose a shower column or shower screen, pay attention to whether the handle of the hand-held shower has been non-slip and heat-insulated, otherwise problems such as slipping and scalding will easily occur during use; products with acupoint massage nozzles should also be selected when choosing Can it be adjusted by turning it so that it can meet the needs of users of different heights. n3. Some places need to be considered when decorating. Buying a house, buying a house, decorating forums, real estate forums! ^2 M. t4 u* t- i Friends who are more interested in shower screens, it is best to consider before decorating. Because most shower screens have three different functions of overhead, handheld, and massage, the water pressure requirements are high (cold water> 2 Pa, hot water> 1.5 Pa). If a water heater is used at home, it may be heated, so it is necessary to add a booster pump in advance to increase the water pressure. There are also products with lighting and electronic control functions, and they also need to be connected to 220 volt AC, which must be pre-set before decoration.

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