How to choose kitchen wall tiles?


The kitchen has a lot of oily fume and stains, so most families put tiles on the kitchen wall for the convenience of cleaning and sanitation. So how to choose kitchen wall tiles?

How to choose kitchen wall tiles

1. Look at the ceramic tile material

There are many types of ceramic tiles on the market, such as glazed tiles , Polished tiles, whole body tiles, vitrified tiles, etc., on the kitchen wall, it should be smooth or matte glazed tiles. Some people may think that matte tiles are not easy to clean, but they are not. Matte tiles are very convenient to clean, and its surface is very delicate and has a simple luster, which looks very fashionable.

2. Look at the size of tiles

The size of kitchen wall tiles should also be considered. The specifications of tiles on the market range from 300*300mm to 500×500mm. The kitchen area is generally relatively small, so choose 300*300mm wall tiles, so that it will not waste ceramic tiles and maintain the coordination of the space, which will do two things with one stone.

3. Look at the color of the tiles

You also have to look at the color of the wall tiles. Because the kitchen space is small, the light is generally slightly worse, so choose a lighter Colored or cool-toned tiles make people feel that the space is expanding and extending. For example, white, light green, light gray, etc. are all very good colors. Of course, you can also choose the color according to your favorite or kitchen decoration style, maybe the effect will be more beautiful.

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