How to choose sanitary products scientifically?

products are indispensable when decorating the bathroom, and there are many types of bathroom fittingsproducts. All products that can be used in the bathroom can be called bathroom products, such as faucets, toilets, bathtubs, and so on. No matter what you are choosing, the first thing to pay attention to is the quality of the product. So how to choose high-quality sanitary products? The following are two selection techniques that I think are feasible. 1. Choose under strong light and carefully observe the reflection on the surface of the sanitary products from the side. It is better to have no or few blisters and pits on the surface. Products with high brightness index use high-quality glazed materials and very good glazing technology, which reflect light and have good visual effects. You can rub it gently on the surface with your hands, and it feels very smooth and delicate. You can also touch the back, and feel the slight friction of 'rusty' as well. 2. The surface of the ceramic can be knocked by hand. Generally, the sound of a good ceramic material is more crisp when knocked. It is mainly to investigate the water absorption rate, the lower the water absorption rate, the better. Ceramic products have a certain ability to absorb and penetrate water. If water is sucked into the ceramic, it will expand to a certain extent, which will easily cause the glaze on the ceramic surface to crack due to expansion. In order to get a better bathing experience, consumers are advised to look at the appearance and details of the product when buying sanitary products, feel the quality of the product, and then listen to whether the sound is crisp.
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