How to choose the bath towel rack and the installation height position?

Many people will want to arrange a place to put the bath towel after buying it, because it has a larger area after spreading. Many people consider installing a towel rack, which is not only convenient for storage, but also easy to dry. But how do you need to install the towel rack? What height and position are better? Let's take a look at the answers to these questions today. 1. Choose carefully when choosing the color of the towel rack, if it can match the faucet, cbm mirror, etc., it would be better. For example, the faucet is silver, and the bath towel rack is also as silver as possible. Don't choose gold, otherwise the whole tone will feel very uncoordinated. Before installation, we need to hold one end of the towel rack hanging rod with one hand and wipe it from side to side with the other hand. Poor quality shelves will encounter small burrs and even loose paint chips. When shopping, these problems are not easy to detect with the naked eye. In addition, we must also pay attention to the quality of the plating and coating of the shelf base. The viewing angle and incident light are both about 70°. This method can easily detect the existence of defects. 2. Expansion screws for installation The bath towel rack can generally be installed with plastic expansion tubes and copper screws. On the one hand, the opening of the ceramic tile is relatively small, and the operation is relatively simple. On the other hand, it is not easy to rust and maintenance is relatively easy. When we install it, we need to use an electric drill to drill a hole on the wall, put the expansion screw in, and then tighten the screw with a changer. 3. Actual placement and determination of the position The installation position and height of the bath towel rack are very important, because the installation is too high and easy to reach, things are easy to fall and hit people, and too low to splash on the head. The installation height of the standard size of bathroom fittingsbasin is generally 800mm above the ground, so that it is more convenient for us to wash our face or hair. Therefore, the height of the line of sight of the bath towel when the human body is standing normally is about 30 cm. According to the combination of these two heights, it should be installed at a height of about 1.7 meters. Refer to the basic installation position of the towel rail. The height of the towel bar from the ground is 1100-1200mm; the height of the towel rack ring from the ground is 900-1400mm; if you plan to install the upper rack of bath towels in the bathroom fittingsof your home, it generally needs to be installed at a position where the height of the faucet from the ground is 1600mm. The above points are a few tips for selecting and installing the height of the towel rack.
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