How to choose the floor tiles with different specifications and models is reasonable, and there are some questions about the small specifications and models.


Presumably people who have renovated or are renovating the house will know that there are many different sizes of tiles, whether it is square floor tiles or rectangular floor tiles, they are all different in size. The specifications and models of floor tiles are not the same for the decoration area, so how can we choose floor tiles to be reasonable?

Specifications and models of conventional floor tiles. The common specifications of ceramic tiles are 800*800mm square, and sometimes even large-format tiles of 1000*1000mm are used. The size of the floor tiles should be selected according to the size of the indoor space. Small indoor spaces cannot be large, otherwise it will make people feel that the ratio does not meet the standard. Generally, large-size floor tiles can be selected for the total area of u200bu200blarge decoration areas such as living room decoration, and 300*600mm ceramic tiles should be used for indoor spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. Under normal circumstances, the size of wall tiles is consistent with that of ceramic tiles. The specifications of wall tiles in the room are usually 300*300mm, and 300*600mm tiles have been relatively popular in recent years.

Different decoration areas use floor tile specifications

1. Specifications and models of living room tiles. Choose according to the size of the house: If the total area of u200bu200bthe house is small, use small-size floor tiles as much as possible. In detail, usually if the total area of u200bu200bthe living room decoration is less than 30 square meters, you can consider using 600*600. Floor tiles; if it is 30-40 flat, 600*600mm or 800*800mm can be used; if it is more than 40 flat, 800*800mm can be considered. Consider the indoor space used by the furniture: If the living room decoration is blocked by the furniture, that is to say, the total area can be seen when the floor is adopted is relatively small, so you can consider using small-size floor tiles. Taking into account the width of the living room decoration: in terms of actual effects, it is generally appropriate to pave the floor tiles completely in one piece. It usually means that the tiles are not cut or cut as much as possible to the side, and the consumption is reduced as much as possible. Usually In other words, the larger the tile size, the greater the consumption.

2. Specifications and models of kitchen tiles. Usually the kitchen is relatively small, with windows, doors and cabinets, the net total area is even smaller. In order to better avoid waste and always maintain the coordination of the indoor space, you should choose floor tiles with smaller specifications and models. The consumption of stickers will be very small, avoiding many inconveniences caused by decoration construction such as large-size ceramic tile cutting.

3. Specifications and models of bathroom floor tiles. If you choose floor tiles for the bathroom, you should determine the specifications and models according to the size of the bathroom. If the bathroom is large, choose 600*600mm, if it is smaller, choose 300*300mm. Usually the latter is the choice. For ceramic tiles, 300*300mm is usually used. Wall tiles usually have specifications and models of 400*800mm and 300*600mm, which must be determined according to the total area of u200bu200bthe bathroom and your own preferences.

Compared with products of the same brand and the same series, the larger the specifications and models of floor tiles, the higher the corresponding price. Don’t blindly follow suit. In the pursuit of large-scale model products, while considering the above key factors, you also need to consider your own expense budget.

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