How to choose the material of floor tiles?


1. The choice of ceramic tile surface material depends on the functional area of u200bu200bthe home. If it is the wall of the kitchen and bathroom, you can choose a smooth glazed material, which is easy to clean. The floor of the bathroom needs to be made of non-slip matte surface material to avoid falling under wet conditions. There is a surface material with a rag pattern on the market, which is non-slip and feels as comfortable as stepping on a cloth surface. Representative brands include Zhongzhong Spanish tiles, Omega tiles, and Abianni tiles.

2. Matte series: The special surface treatment makes the tiles have no dazzling reflection, the surface is glowing with a soft luster, the touch is delicate, and it looks more elegant. Some matte series products can also be used for wall and floor. Rough texture series: The rough texture brings a retro style. The surface of this series of tiles is completely non-reflective and has slight bumps. The uneven coloring enhances this antique feeling. Some decorative threads and flower pieces are also embossed, which is quite exquisite. Smooth undulating series: The same is smooth, but this kind of tiles gives people new ideas. It turns out that their surfaces are undulating and different, and the whole wall is paved with rich light and shadow changes.

3. Ceramic tiles come in a variety of materials, including glazed tiles, whole-body tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles, and mosaics. In larger spaces such as the kitchen, there are smooth or matte glazed tiles, which are very convenient to clean and can also create a 'fashionable' effect. Many brands have colorful matte glazed tiles for consumers to choose from. Generally, ladies like the color-pass, and many people like to choose tiles with fashion factors.

The floor tiles are made of matte surface to prevent the kitchen soup from making the floor too slippery, and accidental safety is a problem. So choose non-slip floor tiles.

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