How to choose the size of the bathroom mirror?

Now that more and more models and styles of bathroom mirrors appear, how should we choose the appropriate bathroom mirror size to make the bathroom environment of your hotel or home look more beautiful? For example, when matching a large bathroom cabinet, you can choose a rectangular horizontal bathroom mirror. The width of this bathroom mirror is smaller than that of the bathroom cabinet, or it is a bathroom mirror of the same width as the bathroom cabinet. If the width of the bathroom cbm mirror is too long and the size of the bathroom cabinet is too short, you will find that the matching is not so beautiful. The height of the bathroom mirror is generally less than one-half of the width. The specific height depends on the installation of the bathroom cabinet, the bathroom environment and personal preferences. When matching with a small wash basin, you can choose a rectangular bathroom fittingsmirror that hangs vertically. mirrors can be matched in many ways, and their sizes can also be varied, and the choice of bathroom cbm mirror size depends on the object you want to match with it. For example, if you want a small bathroom cabinet, then you can match it with a vertical bathroom mirror. The last reminder everyone, bathroom mirrors can be customized! So there is no need to worry about not having a bathroom mirror of the same size as your own bathroom cabinet. You only need to consider the size of the bathroom fittingsmirror that needs to be matched, and then customize it.
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