How to choose tiles in hotel malls


The large passenger flow in the hotel and shopping mall not only brings us profits, but also puts a certain pressure on the hotel and shopping mall floor. Therefore, the floors of hotels and shopping malls are basically made of floor tiles with high wear resistance, which are not only beautiful, but also have a long service life.


1. The product quality inspection certificate and product test report should be obtained from the manufacturer.

2. Perform an estimated inspection on the spot, carefully observe whether the product has sleeves, spots, cracks, shaft bubbles, ripples and other obvious product quality problems. Those with the above problems must not be used.

3. Carefully check whether its size, top and bottom, left and right are exactly the same, fix it on a flat surface, and it is not easy to suddenly appear warped.


4. Listen to the sound: tap with a hard object, the clearer the sound, the higher the degree of porcelain. The better the product quality. You can also clip the tiles with your left thumb, index finger, and middle finger, and let them droop naturally. Tap the middle of the tiles with your right index finger. If the sound is clear and pleasant, it is a first-class product.

5. Water drip test: You can put water droplets on the back of the tile to see how fast the water gets wet after it spreads. Generally speaking, the slower the water absorption capacity reflects the greater the relative density of the tile; conversely, The faster the water absorption capacity, it reflects the sparse relative density. Among them, the quality of the product is better than the previous one.

6. Check by hand. After pinching the two bricks with your fingers, they collide with each other. The product with a clear and loud sound is in compliance with the standard, and the product with a low, dull and muddy sound must have its own product quality problems.


7. Do a good job in distinguishing the color difference: it is because the one-time order quantity of floor tiles is relatively large, and there are many packages If there is a particularly obvious color difference, the decoration effect will be greatly affected. All packaged products should be sampled for inspection and comparison, and the changes in color difference should be carefully observed. If the color difference is large, it cannot be used.

8. Do a good ground anti-skid test. There is a large passenger flow in hotels and shopping malls, including the elderly and children. The floor tiles should have a level of anti-skid to prevent customers from slipping. When selecting it, first exclude floor tiles with poor anti-slip ability on the ground.

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