How to choose tiles?



Tiles choose? Many friends are not clear about the characteristics and pros and cons of ceramic tiles when they are faced with choosing ceramic tiles. So if you understand the characteristics and pros and cons of ceramic tiles, it will be of great help to choosing good ceramic tiles! How to choose tiles

1 First determine which parts of your home are ready to use tiles, draw a detailed drawing and indicate the size, and calculate the individual area of u200bu200beach tile area. It mainly includes the area of u200bu200bthe ground, the area of u200bu200bthe wall, the area of u200bu200bthe corners and the edges, etc., must be aware of. In this way, when investigating the market, we can refer to the model room of ceramic tiles in a targeted manner, and place the favorite styles and colors according to the size and model to see if they can be used.

2 Determine the style of tiles you need to use according to your family structure and preferences, and make a rough survey on the market to determine the corresponding sensory positioning. Because what kind of bricks to use must consider the preferences of the residents, and at the same time, it is necessary to further determine whether to use glazed tiles or matte tiles, the degree of slip resistance, how to position the color style, etc.

3 A rough survey on the market When figuring out the size specifications of common wall and floor tiles At present, there are many size specifications of ceramic tiles, such as common ones: 300*300, 300*450, 300*600, 600*600, etc., but try to choose some common and common size specifications , So that you will not be limited by a certain brand or business that owns the size, and you can choose and design freely. According to the drawings of the tiled area and the size specifications of common wall and floor tiles, calculate what size bricks should be suitable for laying, and determine the tile specifications;   

4. , choose the correct province that is nice and brick. Personally, I think it should be almost the same as the description of 'the right person at the right time'. Generally speaking, large-size tiles should be selected for large tiled areas, and small-size tiles should be selected for small areas. For example, if my bathroom, kitchen, and balcony are small, then I will choose small-sized bricks. Otherwise, it will be covered with a few large bricks. That would be ugly, and it also shows that the area is small.

5 Calculate the total area of u200bu200beach specification according to the established specifications, if possible, draw a tile map, so that you can draw the style and accurately calculate the number of tiles used;

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