How to choose wood grain tiles?


1. The less repetitive texture, the better, because there are no two leaves that are exactly the same in the world. If you buy a good wood-grain brick product, try to choose the one with less repetitive surfaces to avoid being unreal. Choose wood-grain bricks. That is, dozens of pieces are not repeated, so that the effect of paving is better and more real.

2. Unique wood grain tiles. When purchasing such products, whether the design of the product is good or not affects whether the paving effect is satisfactory. Wood-grain bricks are products made from natural materials and require higher specimens and designers' transformation.

3. The introduction of advanced digital inkjet printing technology for ceramic tiles in domestic equipment has been a matter of two or three years, and there are not many companies that can use it proficiently. The level of technical proficiency directly affects the effect of the product.

4. Wood grain tiles not only need to be seen, but also need to be touched. The surface of the good-quality wood grain has the uneven texture of the log, and the texture details such as annual rings and wood eyes are divided into three parts of the wood.

5. Your home is a warm harbor in the world. Everything at home will affect your mood. Only when you buy good quality products can you reduce unnecessary troubles in the future. You can't covet the small bargains at that time and cause big troubles in the future. A large area of u200bu200bwood-grain bricks spread on the ground to create a natural feel. When purchasing, you need to consult the salesperson to understand its physical properties: such as whether the specifications are complete, whether the flatness water absorption rate is higher than the general standard, abrasion resistance coefficient, and anti-skid The coefficient and anti-pollution coefficient have not reached the national standard.

6. Customers all hope that the effect of their home decoration is beyond surprise. Then before buying, you can refer to other decoration effects and see the effects, which is also a good reference for the decoration of your own home.

Therefore, if you want to choose a wood-grain brick product with good quality and well-furnished effect, you can first observe how many sides of the product are not repeated and take a closer look. Whether the design surface is special, and then touch the surface of the wood-grain brick with your hand to feel the texture is comfortable. The important thing is to communicate with the sales staff during the purchase process, compare more and other issues, and look at the decoration renderings of other people’s homes that have been renovated. Then you can have a comfortable, relaxing and natural space. Or come to Minmetals directly, you won't want to go to the second one.

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