How to clean and maintain bathroom mirrors?

mirrors are a problem when cleaning the bathroom at home. If they are not properly cleaned, the mirrors will grow spots and oxidize and shorten their lifespan. So how to clean the bathroom fittingsmirror is the key. 1. Do not wipe the cbm mirror with a wet cloth in daily life, because the water vapor in the bathroom is heavy, the mirror is already in a damp state, if you check it with a wet cloth, it will cause the mirror to become damp and appear dark spots. 2. When washing, you need to be careful not to put grease, acid and other chemical products on the mirror, which will cause the mirror to corrode under the chemical action and affect the service life of the mirror. 3. When wiping the cbm mirror, you can use a clean dry cloth or cotton cloth to clean it, and wipe the edge area with water. 4. For certain stains in the edge area, especially the gap between the mirror and the wall, we can use kerosene to clean it. Dip a dry soft cloth with kerosene to clean it. 5. The mirror is like a human face, and it can be maintained with milk. Use the expired milk products at home or the remaining amount of milk after drinking, soak the milk with a dry soft cloth, cotton or even a cotton pad, etc., to wipe the mirror surface, which will make the mirror surface brighter. 6. Dishwashing detergent can not only eliminate oil stains, but also a great maintenance tool for bathroom mirrors. While keeping the mirror surface dry, apply detergent on a dry cloth to wipe the mirror surface, which can not only prevent mildew, but also prevent water vapor from condensing on the mirror surface. 7. In addition to the strong decontamination of kerosene, the use of soap also has an excellent decontamination effect, while keeping the mirror bright. 8. In daily life, for female residents, astringent lotion can also be used to maintain the mirror. Apply makeup on a dry cloth for wiping, which can have an excellent maintenance effect. 9. If there is absorbent paper in the household, it can also be used for wiping, and the decontamination effect is also very obvious. When buying bathroom fittingsmirrors, choice is also the key. CBMLED anti-fog bathroom fittingsmirrors, bathroom mirrors are customized to produce brand bathroom cbm mirror products. Bring convenience and security to the bathroom.
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