How to clean the smart toilet properly?


With the improvement of life, smart homes have gradually joined the lives of the general public. We most often have the figure of smart toilets, but how many people can clean our smart toilets correctly when we use them What? Let me introduce you one by one.

I. Cleaning instructions

First of all, when performing daily cleaning and maintenance of the smart toilet lid, be sure to unplug the power switch to ensure the power indicator of the smart toilet Whether the lights are all off before proceeding.

Second, surface cleaning

The smart toilet cannot be washed directly with water to avoid water infiltration into the power supply. You can choose to wipe the product with a damp soft cloth. When the surface is dirty, drip a small amount of diluted neutral detergent. It is worth noting that do not use detergents that contain coarse-grained powders, strong acid and alkali, and nylon brushes that are easy to scratch the surface. For the water stop rubber of the toilet inlet valve, it is easy to age and fail in the place where the water quality is not good, so it must be taken out and cleaned frequently.

3. Clean the water nozzle

The nozzle of the smart toilet basically does not have to worry about being polluted , It will clean itself before spraying water. After pressing the 'cleaning' switch, the nozzle will automatically extend for cleaning. It can also be cleaned manually. Pull out the nozzle gently, and clean the nozzle with a toothbrush (manual cleaning once a month is recommended). If the nozzle needs to be replaced, you can hold the nozzle with one hand and the nozzle without spraying water. Pull out in the direction of the nozzle, and then insert the new three-hole soft nozzle into the nozzle.

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