How to clean the toilet tiles too dirty


In addition to the wooden floor in the bedroom, in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and other areas, most families still choose to pave light-colored tiles. This will improve the brightness of the home on the one hand, and also at the same time. Invisibly, our home space has a visually spacious feeling.


The glass, walls, and floor tiles of the bathroom in the bathroom will have a lot of dirt after a long time, which is difficult to clean. The simple way is to buy a multifunctional foam cleaner for Mr. Mighty bathroom from the supermarket. Just wipe it with a spray-dry cloth, it is easy to clean and dry the stains on the surface of the bathroom tiles. If there is dirt in the tile joints in the bathroom, you can spray some bathroom cleaners on the dirt, wait a while, brush lightly with a brush, and rinse with clean water at the same time. If you want to wash the bathroom tiles white and shiny, you can add a little ammonia to the soapy water.

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If you use a high-concentration professional cleaning agent to clean the tiles, of course it will be very labor-saving, but it will also cause certain damage to the tiles. Damage, it will be easier to get dirty in the future, just like using acid detergent to clean sanitary ware, it will damage the surface of the tile. The tiles around the kitchen stove can be cleaned by spraying it with a kitchen grease cleaner, and then wipe it off with a rag.

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Daily pollution should be maintained regularly

Daily tile pollution and stains refer to the surface of the floor tiles from people’s daily life and work. Some common pollution and the resulting stains, such as oil, dust and unknown dirt. For some common greasy dirt, the ideal effect can be obtained by using some more alkaline or weak alkaline or neutral detergents containing surfactant formulations. When cleaning the floor tiles, first pour the cleaning agent on the working surface, brush it with a slightly harder brush, soak for about 10 minutes, then scrub with the brush back and forth, then clean up the dirty liquid, and then scrub both sides with clean water.

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