How to decorate the bathroom with wall tiles?


For a bathroom with a small area and poor lighting, it is not suitable for dark and warm wall tiles. Because the dark wall tiles make people feel that the space becomes smaller, the room appears darker and darker. In addition, the warm color wall tiles have a visual sense of moving forward, which will increase the sense of depression in the room. Therefore, this type of room usually uses light-colored and cool-colored wall tiles.

On the contrary, for a bathroom with a large area and good lighting, the main consideration should be how to make people feel warm and comfortable in the bath. Therefore, wall tiles with warm colors and slightly darker colors can be used.

As the background of sanitary ware, wall tiles play a role as a foil. Therefore, the brightness and chroma of the color are much lower than that of sanitary ware. Proper collocation will make Jie have a cleaner and more beautiful feeling. At the same time, the wall tiles should maintain a color tone. Generally, the color of the floor tiles is darker than that of the wall tiles. In addition, wall tiles with different patterns should be used in different places. The wall tiles of the bathroom should have subtle patterns, the colors are elegant, faint, and not overwhelming; the style of the kitchen wall tiles should be concise and lively, pay attention to the style and color of the cabinets and counters, and the patterns should be simple and generous. People feel clean and bright, place a few tiles appropriately, and choose graphics with larger color contrast to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

The quality requirements of wall tiles are relatively high. Inferior wall tiles will have cracks, joints and bending. The selection of wall tiles should be measured on important basis such as the surface flatness, verticality and smoothness of the wall tiles. Avoid using unbranded wall tiles.

In short, different wall tiles give people different visual feelings. Depending on the environment and local conditions, this is the requirement for choosing wall tiles.

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