How to detect cheap tiles?


First, the main thing to look at is to see if there are black spots, bubbles, pinholes, cracks, scratches, stains, missing edges, and missing corners on the surface of the tile. Also pay attention to whether there is missing polishing or missing abrasion. And other defects.

Second, the weight is the weight. Try the texture of the tiles. Products of the same specification, good quality, and high-density bricks will feel heavy. On the contrary, products of inferior quality will feel lighter.

Third, listen to the tiles by tapping, by listening to the sound to identify the quality of the tiles, the following is introduced in terms of kitchen and bathroom wall and floor tiles and vitrified tiles:


1. Wall tiles or small-size tiles are generally separated with one hand and five fingers, drag the tiles, and the other hand taps on the face of the tiles. If the sound is metallic, the tiles are The quality is better.

2. The floor tiles (vitrified tiles or antique tiles used in the living room and other floors) Use one hand to lift one side of the tile, and use the upper part of the other hand to hit the middle of the tile. The sound is thick and the echo is as long as the sound of striking a copper bell. The ceramic tile has a higher degree of porcelainization, strong wear resistance, high flexural strength, low water absorption, and is not easy to be polluted. Low degree of chemical conversion (even cracks), insufficient calcination of ceramic tiles, poor wear resistance, low flexural strength, and higher water absorption rate. Such vitrified tiles are easily contaminated.

Fourth, put together 4 pieces of products of the same specification and model are taken out at will, and put together. Through this step, you can check the three aspects of tile size, flatness, and right angle.

Fifth, try as long as it is aimed at the anti-skid problem of floor tiles.

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