How to identify bathroom mirrors?

In order to ensure that the purchase is foolproof, let's take a look at some quality identification methods and techniques that can be used when buying bathroom mirrors. 1. Look at the appearance of bathroom mirrors When purchasing bathroom fittingsmirrors, observe the mirror from multiple angles such as the front, side, and back. A good cbm mirror should not have bubbles, debris, crushed spots, broken glass, discoloration, yellow spots, dark spots, black edges, etc. from the appearance. Second, look at the imaging effect of the mirror. The imaging effect of the mirror is better. Generally, a 5mm thick mirror must not be deformed or skewed within 2 meters. Third, choose mirror style bathroom mirrors should also take into account the overall style of the bathroom, and should be consistent with the overall style. For example, some oval mirrors are more suitable for European style, and square mirrors are more suitable for Chinese style. CBM bathroom cbm mirror factory produces bathroom mirror products suitable for the hotel. I hope everyone will like it.
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