How to install bathroom mirror correctly?

Many customers will not install CBM bathroom mirror products after they buy it, and they don’t know where to install it. CBMLED bathroom fittingsmirrors will tell you how to install bathroom mirrors correctly: 1. First of all, consider a bathroom fittingsmirror with anti-fog. Because the bath is hot, you must buy a bathroom cbm mirror with good anti-fog effect to make your life more convenient. 2. A little farther away from the backrest of the shower or bathtub, taking into account safety issues, and giving people plenty of room for bathing activities. 3. The cbm mirror should not face the door or window of the bathroom, it is best to face the wall to protect personal privacy. It is also considered from Feng Shui. 4. Mirrors can be considered bathroom mirrors with LED lights, which look warm and romantic, which is convenient for your daily freshening up! CBM custom manufacturers, hope to help your choice!
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