How to install kitchen accessories

There are many storage skills in our lives, especially the kitchen storage also has certain skills. Because various tools in the kitchen have different functions, they are placed in different positions, and kitchen accessories cannot be placed at will. So how should we install and display kitchen accessories? 1. Easy to use is the first requirement. Use on the shelf In the kitchen, we should first consider the convenience of use, because this is the installation, it must be installed according to the needs of daily life, such as the accessories needed on the cooking shelf, should be placed in the cooking place, we must place It can be quickly obtained. If the shelf is not commonly used, we can install it in a spare part of the kitchen. 2. Space saving is also very important. Consider the installation location from the perspective of installing pendants for saving space in the kitchen. Because the kitchen itself is relatively small, we should put things in one space as much as possible during installation to save space and make reasonable use of kitchen space. , So we can install the kitchen pendant on the wall, as well as the cabinet door. Of course, behind the door is also a rare good place. 3. The classification of pendants should be clear. The kitchen installation of kitchen pendants must be very clear. When we classify the kitchen utensils of the racks in detail, there are various styles of racks on the market, which can be said to be dazzling. The products of seasoning racks, chopping boards and kitchen knives are endless. When we install kitchen accessories, they must be installed in a reasonable position according to their different categories. The sink rack can be installed next to the sink, the knife rack can be installed in the corner of the kitchen table, and the spice rack can be installed near the place where we cook. These are the places that we need to pay special attention to when decorating, which can save us a lot of time in life. The above three points are the aspects that can be paid attention to when arranging the kitchen accessories. I hope that the owners can install the kitchen accessories that they are satisfied with after paying attention to the above points.
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