How to judge the quality of tiles?


The higher the accuracy of the tile side length, the better the effect after paving. Ceramic tiles are not only easy to construct, but also save man-hours and auxiliary materials. Use a tape measure to measure the side length and thickness of the tiles for any difference. Also measure the two diagonals of the brick to see if the diagonals are equal.

Put water droplets on the back of the tiles. The slow tiles that are soaked after the water disperses have a high density and are considered top grade; if necessary, drop ink on the tile surface and wipe with a damp cloth Then observe whether there are traces and the depth of ink marks to judge the anti-fouling performance.

Now ceramic tiles have undergone a series of innovations in wear resistance. Whether it is polished tiles, microcrystalline tiles, full polished glaze, antique tiles, etc., there is a quality For Feiyue, we only need to pick up the sharp knife or key in our hand and scratch the surface of the tile to see if the glaze layer on the surface of the tile will be scraped off. If even such a small scribing cannot be tolerated, the quality can be imagined. know.

Use an oil-based pen to write text on the surface of the tile, wait a while, and then wipe it with a cloth. I found that the handwriting can be cleaned with just a few light strokes. This kind of tile is very convenient Clean and take care of in the future, simple maintenance can last forever.

Fully polished glaze, microcrystalline stone, polished tiles: place the tiles diagonally on the stone steps with an inclination of more than 30 degrees, and two or three adults stand on the surface of the tiles at the same time Above, the brick surface has no bending deformation or cracks, indicating that the hardness of the brick is good enough.

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