How to maintain the smart toilet can extend the service life?


Smart products continue to be popular in life. Now many friends will buy smart toilets. Nowadays, many smart toilet products on the market are expensive compared to ordinary toilets, ranging from a few thousand to as many as a few. Everything is there. Want to experience smart life, I made up my mind and bought a smart toilet at home. How could it break because of careless maintenance and cleaning? So let's take a look with the editor, what details should be paid attention to when using the smart toilet in normal use, and how to clean and maintain the toilet to have a longer service life?

You need to pay attention to these in normal use:

1. When cleaning and maintaining the smart toilet lid, be sure to unplug the power switch and make sure that the power indicator lights on the operating part of the smart toilet lid are all off.

2. The smart toilet lid cannot be washed directly with water, please wipe the product with a soft cloth. In addition, a neutral detergent should be used to clean the smart toilet lid. Strong or corrosive detergents will damage the surface of the product.

3. Usually, please wipe with a soft cloth dampened with water. If you do not remove the dirt in time, it will become difficult to clean. Please wipe with water frequently. In addition, wiping with water can prevent static electricity, which will attract dust. It causes the product to turn black and become dirty. The smart toilet cover can also be detached from the toilet, which facilitates the cleaning of the part between the smart toilet cover and the toilet.

4. How to clean and maintain the nozzle: The nozzle is dirty, please use a small brush such as a toothbrush to clean it, and be careful not to forcibly stretch or bend the nozzle. The current good bidet does not need to be pulled out by hand, which is not hygienic. You only need to press the button on the key board to make the nozzle extend by itself. It is recommended to clean it every two months.

5. Please regularly remove the dust attached to the power plug, unplug the power plug when cleaning, and wipe with a dry cleaning cloth.

6. Please cut off the power of the smart toilet cover when there is no one in your home for a long time. If there is a water storage tank, remove the plug (front of the bottom of the water tank) to release the water tank to store water.

7. Winter maintenance method for smart toilet cover: In winter, keep the temperature in the toilet above 3 degrees to avoid freezing of the water in the water tank.

How should the smart toilet be cleaned?

1. Upper machine and lower body: The upper machine and lower body can be disassembled for cleaning. As long as the upper machine is gently lifted, it can be easily removed and separated from the water source and power source.

2. Body: After separating the seat ring and seat cover according to the correct method, the contaminated parts can be thoroughly cleaned. When cleaning, wipe it with a soft cloth wrung out of water, do not wipe with detergent or medicine, so as not to damage the parts. After cleaning, reinstall it.

3. Filter: When there is dirt blocking the water inlet filter, it may cause insufficient flushing water pressure, so it should be cleaned regularly. Cleaning steps: 1. Close the water inlet valve; 2. Unscrew the water filter with a special tool; 3. Clean the dirt with a toothbrush or a small brush.

4. Spout: Press the 'sprinkler cleaning' button, there will be water overflow around the spout, which is used for spout cleaning; pull out the sprinkler by hand and hold it firmly to clean the spout and tube head; when cleaning It can be cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in water; finally, press the stop button to stop spraying water.

5. Clean the deodorizing box and the deodorizing suction port: If there is still an odor, please replace the deodorant; when there is dust or other attachments on the deodorizing box and the deodorizing suction port , The amount of air inhaled will be reduced, you can use a toothbrush or a small brush to clean the dust.

In winter, in order to prevent damage to the smart toilet due to icing, please drain the remaining water when not in use. When not in use for a long time, the remaining water should also be drained.

Steps for draining the remaining water: ①Close the water inlet valve. ②Remove the drain bolt after loosening. ③Retighten the drain bolts after the remaining water is exhausted.

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