How to match the colors of bathroom tiles?


1. Black

The contrast of black and white tiles can increase the level of structure of the ground wall, concentrate the visual effects, form a contrast between light and heavy, and make the bathroom appear simple The bright feeling, and the black blocking the evil, can resist the yin in the bathroom and remove the muddy air.

2, white

White tiles have good stretchability. The first impression should be clean and bright, which can effectively expand the space effect and help brighten the color. , Make the bathroom look neat and elegant. If the color is too light, it is not good for gas gathering and will consume popularity.

3. Brown

The beige-brown tiles make the room have a magnificent nobility and elegance, make the space look extraordinarily heavy, and give people a feeling of lightness, hope and vitality. Helps to reconcile the aura and stabilize Feng Shui.

4. Warm color

The warm color tiles make the bathroom produce a warm atmosphere. The splicing combination of small tiles of various colors can create a sense of jumping The bathroom space is revitalized and relieves the cold atmosphere in the bathroom.

5. Blue

The blue-tone tiles make people feel the coolness and coolness from the ocean. Blue is a pure color. It can make the bathroom look more concise and far-reaching, but it is unfavorable in Feng Shui, and it is easy to produce Yin Qi.

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