How to paste exterior wall tiles?


1. Choose tiles of the same color, same size, and neat edges. Different types of tiles should be placed in categories to avoid mixing them.

Second, before the construction starts, the design drawings must be prepared, and the tiles are arranged as a whole to ensure the smooth progress of the construction.

3. Clean the surface, fill in the uneven places, then water the surface to wet the surface, and then apply the bottom ash, the ratio is generally 1:3—1:4 Cement mortar. The bottom ash must have a smooth surface.

Four. When smoothing the surface with leveling mortar, set aside the drip line and the flowing slope, and then water and maintain it according to the weather.

Fifth, according to the wall size and tile size, the horizontal and vertical control lines of the tiles will pop up.

Six. When tiling, first use discarded old tiles as the marker block as the basis for the thickness of the paste. When tiling, fully moisten the flat layer and dry it in the shade after taking it out. Mixing with cement slurry and 107 glue can increase the binding year. The exterior wall is tiled from top to bottom, from left to right.

Seven. After the paving is completed, remove the dirt, sweep the surface dust, and carry out the jointing in a relatively short time. Don’t be careless, follow the normal jointing process. A good overall effect can be seen after completion.

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