How to paste floor tiles on the wall?


How to paste floor tiles on the wall? There are two methods: dry paving and wet paving.

(1) Dry paving: first grind the groove on the back of the brick body, bury the copper wire, then fix it with structural glue, and then combine it with the wooden keel Just fix them together. This paving method is generally used to lay the TV background wall. Generally, a wooden keel must be made first, and then a twelve-centimeter board must be sealed, and then a copper wire shall be slotted on the back of the floor tile and then fixed.

(2) Wet paving: The steps are similar to dry paving, but the cement mortar combined with cement and fine sand is needed to lay the floor tiles on the cement wall. Before laying, the wall should be roughened to increase friction before laying. Wet paving takes a lot of time, because the tiles must be soaked in water for more than two hours, the process is more cumbersome, and the labor costs are also relatively expensive.

(3) Floor tiles are easy to collapse, so some things need to be paid attention to during construction. Before laying, check whether the wall is suitable for laying tiles and check whether there is cracking. You need to rectify the wall first.

(4) When using cement mortar for wet paving, the wall surface should be roughened to increase the contact area between the wall and the tiles. When paving, wooden squares should be used to make fixed supports to prevent the tiles from falling.

(5) If the laid tiles are not dry and cannot be jointed, otherwise it will cause looseness and inequality of the tiles. After acceptance, check whether there is an empty drum. Make sure that everything is handled before proceeding with the subsequent installation work.

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