How to play the function of fire door

How to play the function of fire door

A fire door refers to a door that can meet the requirements of fire stability, integrity and heat insulation. However, in real life, many fire doors do not have a greater fire protection function.

So how to maximize the function of fire doors?

Let the fire door manufacturer tell you below.

1. Fire doors installed in closed stairwells, smoke-proof stairwells, fire elevators and their front rooms and other places where people often enter and exit, should determine the usual opening and closing status of the fire doors according to the function and nature of the building. For example, normally closed fire doors can be installed for residential buildings, and normally open fire doors for public buildings and workshops should be installed. Specifically, it can be specified that normally open fire doors should be used when people pass through during normal use. Normally closed fire doors should be used in emergency situations such as no people passing through or fire only.

2. Article 7.5.2 of the 'Building Regulations' stipulates that normally open fire doors should be able to close automatically in the event of a fire, and should have the function of signal feedback. In fact, normally closed fire doors should also have the same signal feedback function as normally open fire doors, and the feedback signal of normally closed fire doors should also reflect whether the sequence of double door closing is normal, so that the fire control room duty personnel can grasp it in time The opening and closing conditions of fire doors should be dealt with in time for fire doors that are not well closed, and repairs similar to the damage of door closers and loose hinges that prevent the fire doors from being normally closed to ensure the fire and smoke prevention of normally closed fire doors. efficacy.

3. For the sequencer of the double-leaf fire door in the industry standard, there is no clear performance regulation. It is recommended to add specific and quantitative standards such as the installation position, action method, reaction time, and number of actions of the sequencer in the industry standard. Make it practical and practical.

4. In view of the specific requirements for product quality standards, installation methods, and firmness of door closers without fireproof door closers in the industry standards, it is recommended to add a comparison table between the pull force of door closers and door quality in the industry standards. Specifications for the use of door closers; increase the installation firmness standards of the door closers, specify the specific number of actions of the door closers, so as to ensure that the fire doors remain intactly closed for a long time; increase the opening angle requirements of the door closers, breaking through the manufacturer's self-determined 90° outdated rules, so that fire doors can meet the needs of use and market.

5. When choosing a fireproof hinge, you should choose a detachable and detachable hinge, so that when the fireproof door is installed, it can be fixed firmly, and then the door leaf can be directly inserted into the door frame.

6. When fixing the hinges and door closers, you should change the current method of fixing with wood screws, reserve holes for fixing the hinges on the door frame and door leaf, and then match the relevant screws and nuts to the installation site At the time, standardized operations can be carried out according to the reserved holes, and the screws and nuts on the door leaf should also be equipped with corresponding heat insulation decorations.

7. To determine the use of double-leaf and multiple-leaf fire doors, signal feedback lines should be reserved during the construction process, and the installation unit of the fire door should contact the construction unit and the construction unit of the building fire protection project as soon as possible to reserve the line And control module to facilitate the installation and debugging of fire doors.
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