How to properly avoid pits when buying a smart toilet?


There are many types of smart toilets on the market, and with the upgrading of technology, more and more functions have increased the price. So how do we usually buy smart toilets to avoid pits?

1. Either a big product is good

Most people think that the quality of a big brand is guaranteed, but it is actually wrong. Second- and third-tier brands are also good. If we choose, the price of big brands will be twice or even higher than that of second- and third-tier brands.

2. The more good functions, the better

The smart toilet has more and more functions, but we have to choose some when choosing a smart toilet Suitable for our own functions. For example, for elderly households, it is recommended not to buy too complicated functions; if it is used by mothers, you can also consider purchasing a smart toilet with fumigation function.

3. The heating method should avoid the heat storage type, and choose the instant heating type

The storage type heating method is beneficial to prevent the growth of bacteria, so It is not recommended to choose. It is recommended to choose the instant heating type, which is sanitary and energy-saving.

4. Choose with water tank or without water tank according to the situation at home

The volume of no water tank is relatively small and promising, but if the home lives on a high floor , In the case of unstable water pressure, it is recommended to choose a water tank, so as not to affect your daily use.

When buying, we must also see clearly that the smart toilet must have automatic leakage protection, so that it can be used more assured!

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