How to purchase engineering tiles correctly


The ceramic tiles used in engineering are usually selected: vitrified tiles and full polished glaze. As for the choice of ceramic tiles, it depends on where they are used. The ones that are suitable are good.

1. Look at the product packaging

Now the ceramic tiles on the market are packaged in cartons, and the production name and product should be printed on the packaging box. name. Trademark, size level, color number, etc. There should also be a product certificate in the packing box. When purchasing ceramic tiles correctly, you must choose products with complete and clear markings. In particular, pay attention to whether the selected ceramic tiles are consistent with the specifications and color numbers marked on the packaging box.

2. Look at the appearance of the product

When consumers purchase engineering tiles correctly, they can randomly check a few tiles from the packaging box to see if there are any on the surface of the product. The following defects: lack of glaze, spots, cracks, bumps, glaze bubbles, peeling edges, ripples, etc. Usually 3m away from the porcelain by visual inspection, the defect is not obvious, and it will not affect the use as a qualified product. There is a product trademark on the back of each tile. Adhesive glaze that hinders bonding and other obvious drops that affect the use are not allowed on the side and back.

3. Look at the color difference

Because the number of engineering tiles required in the decoration is usually relatively large, if the tiles have obvious color differences, it will Affect the decoration effect, so when purchasing ceramic tiles correctly, consumers should sample and compare all packaged products to observe the changes in color difference. If the color difference is large, they cannot choose. Also pay attention to whether the colors of the tiles in each box are consistent with or without color difference.

4. Listen to the sound of tiles

To distinguish the quality of tiles, in addition to seeing it, you must also listen. When purchasing tiles correctly, consumers can use percussion to distinguish the inherent quality of the tiles from the sound.

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